The down side

I’m supposed to be the rock, but just want to vent.

Went for a bike ride with some friends on Sunday. Perfect day, perfect weather, even the food was edible down by the coast. Got back to one of mates houses, had a nice cuppa and chat talking about our ride. Many were riding for the first time in a long time, very much summer riders while I stupidly do it all year round.

Got a call at 10pm on the same day, very unusual for one of them. One of our friends went back out and was killed out-right by a car pulling out in front of them. I’m away from friends and family now so I can shed a tear or two.

If you’re reading this and just learned to ride, or you’re an occasional rider and do a group rides out, be very careful when you ride on your own. Don’t let this put you off riding if you have a genuine passion for it. There is risk, but the reward is well worth it, just takes time.

I’m just thankful I got some good shots of him from the helmet camera, cropping and putting a video together for the Wake is not nice. Don’t do that to your nearest and dearest.

Keep the rubber side down. Love you bro and will miss you.


I’m sorry to hear that OP.

If you ever need anything, the forum members are here for you.

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Just can’t believe it. He was here on Sunday afternoon, it just can’t be.

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Thank you mate, means a lot.


Sorry to hear that ChrisA

I was crazy as a young man and feel lucky to be alive now looking back.

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Thank you Marten, yeah most of us were crazy when young, he was middled aged and had sorted his life. Such a waste.

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A guy I grew up with was killed on a motorcycle ten years ago. I’m sorry you are going through the same. hugs

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Man that sucks, my condolences. I want a bike so bad but I live with the worst drivers in the country… I know too many who have lost a loved one who was a rider.

I think driving tests should be mandatory to renew your license.


My condolences to you. It’s always a tragedy when someone dies, even worse when it’s a loved one. I hope the sadness of the loss will soon get better to just leave place to all the happy memories of your friend and the good things you shared with him.

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Thank you Julia.

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Thank you @anon45066586 , I do understand that some countries are worse than others, it’s very sad that so many are lost, not just motorcyclists but no doubt pedestrians and innocent ‘near road’ users as well.

Thank you mate. I know it’s been said a million times, but to know someone is alive and well and then very much the opposite hours after you see them, is horrible. There are many memories for all that suffered the loss, mine are comparably brief.

Really sorry to hear that, I remember as a youngster my dad looking down after losing friends in RTA’s. It was never easy.

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Hi All, just wanted to give a little update. About a dozen or so of us went out recently for a night of booze and good times, to celebrate his life. It was odd to go to a place we rarely go but in the past always with him. We bought a drink for him and it remained on the table.

His son was there and he said that it was great to get out with his friends, see another side to his dad (a bloody good side) and remember his dad.

It was a good time, well worth doing.