The dominator (itx laptop)- w2d1

Its been roughly 2 weeks since I have dreampt up this amazing itx laptop mod, and it WILL BE CREATED! 

I first received a compaq armada 1750 from my mom as she knows I like old pc's

It could even fit a microatx motherboard!

Thank you all for the suggestions! but I have finally decided on athlon 5350/2gb or 3gb ddr3/320gb hdd

I have ordered a nice as rock am1 motherboard that is onsale for $39.99 on newegg along with some artic mx-2

The parts:




asrock am1-b itx (bought)

hdd - wd scorpio 320gb (have)

ram 2 or 3gb ddr3  (have)

cpu -athlon 5350 (raising funds)

psu -pico psu 150 and brick (raising funds)

gpu- built in or possibly a 9800gtx+ if i fix it(have)

I'll have a slim 80mm fan and another 30mm fan as intake I am hoping for positive pressure (raising funds)

I will use a $40 lcd controller from ebay. (raising funds)

Looks like I will need to spend another $120 for parts, screws, and hot glue.

I have various foams for noise dampening and insulation for the touch pad


I will begin vloging the process once I get the mobo.

Sweet, dude. Can't wait to see this beast become alive. (Cue intro to Adult Swim.)

Now if you could fit a "Retina" screen (or whatever they are called nowadays) and the correspoding controller board in that thing you'd have badass sleeper laptop.

I will certainly put a retina screen in if it can be done cheaply. like sub $50

...I wonder how hard it will be to get a screen that is roughly the same dimensions as the original...