The DisplayPort 4K Misconseption

Hey all

I just thought id clear something up that iv being seeing allot on other forums about the fact that DisplayPort is the only way to get 4K and that HDMI is obsolete and its pointless to have a GPU.

Firstly its a huge misconception that DisplayPort can offer a 3840x2160 at 60hz. Reason being is that a Single DisplayPort controller is incapable of producing a 3840x2160 image at 60hz.

So what Companies are doing is taking advantage of the use of MST function on DisplayPort and installing 2 controllers in the one monitor to stitch two 1920x2160 resolutions and producing a single 3840x2160 image at 60hz. Asus have also installed 2 HDMI controllers in there 4K monitors to do the same thing but with out the use of MST. So that means you need to use 2 HDMI cables.

So DisplayPort offers 4K at 60hz using 2 controllers, HDMI offers 4K at 60hz using 2 controllers. Only difference is that DisplayPort uses MST so it carry's down the single cable. That's the only difference.

The only "single" controller at this stage that can produce a 3840x2160 image at 60hz is HDMI 2.0 

This is probably old news to some people, but hopefully it clears up the misconception. I know a few people who have bought 4K screens over other screens for that fact that it had DisplayPort. And after finding out that without the use of MST its pointless, and that they had thrown there money away because they where miss lead of the real fact of DisplayPort and 4K



I use displayport, not because it is better, it's because its the only other option on the back of my card lol

Good point. 4K displays are pretty much in a beta state still. Even if I had the money I wouldn't get one until they've matured at least beyond the point of having to split the picture in two.

Yes you make a good point. But wouldn't go as far to the point that investing in any 4K technology is pointless. But going as far as investing big money on a 4K monitor then having the decision on whether to continue to use MST or to throw it in the bin and get a normal 4K monitor sorta not worth it unless you got money and don't mind to lose it. Long as it's HDMI 2.0 ready its pretty much future proof to have 4K 60hz

Also why was this post moved from general discussion to other hardware?

displayport CAN handle 4k... it has as much bitrate capacity as hdmi does.

Did you not read the above?

I see no sources

There is a video on you tube by Newegg where they are showing the ASUS PQ321Q. In about 4 minutes into the video, Nick from Asus explains DisplayPort needs to use MST due to the fact that controller is incapable at handing a 3840x2160 resolution at 60hz.

I have also discuses this matter with DisplayPort them selves about this issue and they also have confirmed that there controller can not handle 4K @60hz without the use of MST 

so, the problem is the controllers, and not the specification itself?

Yes. The controller is everything, but the physical input will stay the same however.

This is the sole reason why Nvida and AMD can not update any of there cards to HDMI 2.0 because non of the controllers where installed on there cards. Unlike most 4K Tv's like the Sony 55X850A had the ability to update there controllers via the internet to HDMI 2.0 enabling 4K @60hz.

The Nvidia 800 series will however have the HDMI 2.0, so it will offer full 4K @60hz without the use of MST or any other additional hardware. 




And tequnicaly speaking the controller is the spesification