The discussion about the FCC and net neutrality is starting to heat up

Great job guys, people are starting to take notice. 

This is the second article I have seen in as many days from dinosaur media companies. I'm not saying that the articles are all correct just that people are starting to talk about it.

Why all the fuss?

Just do what thou wilt, fuck the feds, the police state, and all ''public servants''.

I always open carry (Constitution Carrier) in NYC and never had a problem, on the contrary, saved my ass many time, and most cops appreciate the help.

If people just started ignoring stupidity and got on with their lives as they choose to many assholes would simply disappear...


A being is only free and sovereign when he has no masters and is master to no one.

Next round is on me ;)

So if people suddently suffered a stroke of apathy everything would be fine?

I'm certainly sure that the FCC wouldn't like that at all, noticing that people don't care about them would definitely put a stop to their intentions, right?

Do you know what would happen if people became completely apathetic towards "stupidity" (as most are already)?

They would stop caring about the FCC & SOPA & PIPA & CISPA and I can guarantee you that these guys would not stop after realizing that people were ignorant to their actions... Of course, they would likely put an end to the Internet, at least for the low class who can't pay enough for their great services.

On another note,

Fucking the Feds, the police state and all the "public servants" would lead nowhere. I gotta give it to you that most of these people are in fact corrupt to a central govern who is not working for the people and who's even more corrupt than them. I'll assume you're an anarchist for the sake of my argument (as I was before) and tell you that "government" and "public" are not bad words; it is the people who represent the country by means of democracy that makes you think so.

In fact, knowing that most (if not all) of these representatives are working for big corporations, you could even say that governments nowadays (there are a few exceptions) are just another private company deciding who'll buy whom and who will be in charge next. This situation we have is deranged and could be considered the antonym of a real government as defined by the Greeks.

I'm trying to make you see that governments are not supposed to be like they are now, the "representatives" of the people simply turned it into a mechanism to deregulate the actions of big private corporations hence making those "free" (just as you said) because they now have no one to account for their actions, "no master" to limit them.

In the end, corruption and its consequent lack of regulations applied to companies is caused by private corporations and lobbyists who have infiltrated the public house, it's not the fault of the government itself which is a great concept as long as it works the way it is supposed to, as long as it has good people serving us.

Apathy won't solve anything it will make things much much worse.


Take it lightly, I know anarchists can be a little violent sometimes, they just have to indentify the real enemy: not the State, not the public servants, but the corporations that have ruined the country and accumulated vast amounts of wealth that, I assure you, doesn’t correspond to their merits.

Cheers :)

edit: to the OP, great read!