The desktop PC is dead ! .. No wait. Samsung move into PC market

Apparently desktops with simple modular components are going to be the Next Big Thing. Following up on rumors of a modular Surface all-in-one, Samsung has a modular desktop PC on the way – it’s first desktop PC in quite some time (in the US, at least).

It was all going to be Mobile, wasn't it ? The PC is dead they said. Trash mobile games forever and clumsy touch screen productivity applications on a 7" format for work. But Somehow the PC keeps on being an attractive viable market.

It's almost as if PC's have a specific purpose and are very good at it. who knew ?


if this is remotely like any other Samsung desktops or laptops of the past it will be a piece of shit that breaks a lot. :P

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Somebody needs to say this, and it rather be me... If Samsung is making chips - I trust them no questions asked. If Samsung is doing anything else IT WILL BE CRAP. It's always crap... The mobile phone issues, the SSD issues, the TV issues... Everything, that is made by Samsung and have more than a silicone chip in it is having issues...

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Ever had one break on you then? I've had my Samsung laptop for 4 years and haven't had any problems.

I've fixed so many it's not even funny at both of my PC repair jobs :/

Guess I lucked out then. I replaced the SSD (my NP900-X4D came with a Sandisk that was known for choking) as soon as I bought it and upgraded the RAM, and it's been by far the best laptop I ever had.

the ones that are pretty OK are the first generation i5 age ones (around 2010/2011) ... the rest are mostly crap lol
even if they have good specs the construction is typically sub par so they break easily

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Mine is from early 2012 using an i5-3317U, so probably just before it all went downhill then.

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Ok so obviously I've got the 'mobile phone' issues, but what recent news is their about Samsung SSD and TV issues? Also, have they root-caused the Note 7 fire issue? I havent been paying attention.

Some time ago I was working in a local cable TV provider. I had contact with a lot of audio visual equipment. Well... That was the time, when I fell in love with Sony and started avoiding Samsung.
As for the SSDs - I still remember the overpraised 940 series with their read speed degradation bug...

840 Evo*

Which has been replaced by the very nice 850 Evo. I still have and use an 840 Evo and tbh it still works fine.

They have roled out software "fix"... I still consider them overpraised. Especially considering I was able to buy twice the size for similar price from another brand...

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Their software fix only works partially. There's still a slowdown with older data.

It was indeed overpraised a bit when you look back on it, but at the time of release it was a good price-performer. Nowadays, there are budget SSDs like the Adata SP550 and PNY CS1311 which most people will usually pick up instead, even though the 850s have better read/write and much better endurance.

Sweet, another trash can! I can't wait until the next revision comes out the next year so I can blow loads of money I don't have on a piece of electronics I don't need to upgrade just so I can fit in with the rest of the social world that places so much attention on what other people own just to fit in!


I don't really have a problem with samsung devices, other than they are pretty unexceptional as far as their products. I don't see this being much different. It might be overpriced, but I don't think (maybe) it will be terrible. But exceptional? Unique? nah.

Design wise, looks more like a kitchen item. Hopefully they'll fix their firmware so Linux/Unix will work properly on it.

I thought their SSDs were 1st class.


Most of their phones were fine, only the Galaxy S6 and especially the Note 7 came out as crap, that's more than I can say for Apple. Although I lost my interest in flagship phones, may get a mid range one to replace a Galaxy S5 if need be.

I agree with their SSDs being overrated though, their prices don't even compete anyways with the other brand SSDs. They do perform though, but hey, any reliable SSD that's still several times faster than a HDD works for me.

Oh I have encountered so many defective Samsung phones, dating back to the non smartphone era, when Motorola and Samsung was the only V shaped phones... And Samsung was better and was braking like crazy. The old Motorola phones were working while the new Samsung phones was breaking...

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The only Galaxy phone I have that doesn't work is the Galaxy S1 (yes, the first one, a shame cause I loved the background and ringtones on it). Other than that, I guess the S3's headphone jack being an issue counts as a problem, the only incentive I had to moving towards an S5 at the time. At least from S3 to S5 I had such a massive boost in GPU performance, not that it mattered, as the library in mobile even today is very small.

Again, I planned on moving to a different brand that isn't quite as expensive, but is still decent. Can't be spending much on a phone when I can't utilize it much.