The Death of Optane

Just reading the news this evening.

Intel Kills Optane Memory Business Entirely, Pays $559 Million to Exit | Tom’s Hardware (

This is really sad. All of the cool stuff Wendell has been up to with Alan Malvantano seemed to indicate that, at least as a storage medium (as opposed to pMem) Optane was starting to really shine. The P5800X is truly amazing.

Really sad to see both Micron and now Intel killing this off. I had always hoped we’d hit some sort of critical mass that made it (more) price competitive with NAND in a more meaningful way.

I guess this is what happens when you invent really cool technologies and lock them up so only you can really benefit from it. Guess they never learned from their mistakes with Itanium.

It has been discussed if you want to read other thoughts.

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