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The Curse of the LG V30, STORY TIME!



So About two weeks ago I bought the new LG V30 to Replace my old LG G3 that had a broken microphone on it. After installing all my apps on the new phone I started texting my friends and family, they all responded with sarcastic responses saying “did I stutter” or “bro why so many messages?”, apparently my new LG V30 was sending multiple messages to people! I searched the web to see if anyone had these issues with the standard phone but I found nothing!

I went to the store where I purchased my phone and they couldn’t replicate the problem I had there. my messages went out great and quick! To replicate the problems I had to drive 20 min back home to test multiple things: doing a factory reset, cleaning/replacing my sim card. swapping my simcard with my dad (my sim in my dads phone and his sim in my new phone). when we did that and I sent a message to the LG V30 and it recieved multiple messages for the first time.

I finally decided to send my phone to LG and wait a week to get it back, well It arrived today and Ohh My gOd the problem still persists! Lg had a report about the repair that was pretty pointless as it basically said “replaced bits of the motherboard, should work to our standards”. I called the bell store for like the tenth time in this whole ordeal to tell them it doesn’t work and they said they will now call someone from the cell provider to see if there is a possability of a replacement. and thats where I am right now…

Honestly I’m not mad at LG… but yet I’m mad at LG. Im not mad because this seems to be the only phone in the entire world to be having this issue right now… and I’m mad that its happening to me. But I kinda wonder this is all because of some internal profile setting from my cell provider that caused these issues, and if it wasn’t the phones fault at all to begin with… I don’t know but I just had to vent somewhere lol. Other than all these issues I’m having I’d still recommend the LG V30 haha


So you send a message from your dad’s phone with your own sim card to your V30 with your father’s card and you received multiple messages on the V30 ? If that’s the case then it is from your sim card or your telecom.

However if the replacement doesn’t work and you feel like you will throw away the device feel free to send it to me I will cover the shipping. Had an eye on that device since the first rumors.


I know a friend’s old Galaxy S5 that does this in discord on the tmobile network. I honestly think this is a tmobile problem.

But I’m assuming your LG G3 never had that issue, so that would be bizarre.

Also rip v30, although this is a new issue from what I’ve read.


Actually on a second read this problem seems to be location related. Can you go out like 3 miles and more away from your home and try to text a friend of yours who is willing to help. It may be a problem with the connection to the antenna that is near your house. BTW 3 miles is kinda average look for apps that detect to which antenna you are connected and move until your phone connects to another. Because if the test in shop was with your sim that will explain why there it has worked but when you are at home it doesn’t.


I have had this issue in sending and receiving (mostly the latter) on my S7 and have always chalked it up to poor connection, as it’s generally happened when I am at work and we use a signal booster for inside the building where otherwise service is garbage. Sometimes the phone will show a full bar count for connection but can’t send an SMS at all.

Edit: should note that I’m on AT&T and not T-Mobile.


Already replaced the sim card… twice haha, so the only viable reason left is that its something at my providers (Bell) end messing up my account settings or something


Yeah my old G3 never had these issues so its odd that a brand spanking new product would be having this much trouble. I’ve scoured any and all forums to see if anyone had this issue but apparently not, I think I have a one in a million bad luck Brian device…


That’s why I drove home to test it because the shop where I bought the phone was in a mall and obviously there’s signal boosters all over the place so that’s why I couldn’t replicate the problem there, but anywhere else the problem happened, in my home town or the towns next to it… its odd because my parents could send texts easy peasy but when sending it to me their messages would either show up normally or sometimes late, I get like 5 messages all at once from them at times even though they sent them at different times. man what a confusing event this has been!


I thought it might have been a bad signal but why would my old G3 work perfectly without a hiccup and then this new device struggles in the same area, even at 1-2 bars my old phone sent messages instantly. I checked my providers coverage and I’m dead center of their coverage range.


ok so maybe the automatic system settings are wrong and that causes some issues.
Try to reset them from - (wireless & networks ) > (more) > (Network settings reset) > (reset settings)


Don’t think it’s software related or a simple setting issue otherwise I’m sure a lot more people would have the same issues with my provider. The manager at the store where I bought my phone said hes going to call Bell directly to see what they can do on a solution, so hopefully they’re doing that now as we speak.


Well I am kinda 90% sure it’s software related if you have changed your sim card 2 times and you tried multiple antennas.
Not to be mean but I don’t see how anything in hardware can make the problems you have.


Yeah your problems sound like a communications fault to me. I have heard this with the V20 too, which I own, and people have fixed that by rooting the phone and OC’ing the radios to just keep that signal strength. You also have the thing that lets you send text over wifi and 3G/4G networks, which could be buggy too. I would say new sim and drive around to other areas to see if it persists.