The Crew?

Is anyone here is going to play The Crew? I got mine on pre order with the Gold Edition. I am just so excited for this game. I havent been more excited for a racing game in a while. I played the second pc beta and it was just a boat load of fun.

Even though I have been waiting for a long time for a racing game like NFS Underground 2 to come out, I am still very weary of this game because of Ubisoft and the stupidity they have been doing lately. If this requires me to use Uplay like Watch_Dogs, they have lost me.

$25 for 12 DLC cars? no thanks. 

Well Ubi isn't poisoning it. They only provided the funds and advertising

Well that's why I did the season pass. They have plans on providing development for 5 years so I can expect a bunch of dlc cars. Either way I'm excited.

Well, lets just say I am not a proponent of cars being paid DLC. I rather they would be free.

8 man multiplayer, 4 man crew, 30fps, always online DRM. I smell scam.