The Cooler Master V8 GTS

I was recently building a PC using the Cooler Master V8 GTS as the CPU fan. First, it runs very loud (I was using water cooling before this so I could be more sensitive to sound.)Second, I think that it is unwieldy I am lucky I am using low profile ram because if I did not I am sure it would not have fit. When I was installing the graphics card I could hardly handle it because my hand kept hitting it with my hand. It was also hard to screw it on to the retention plate (even with the included tool.) I also could barely fit my side panel on and it is slightly bulging. But even though installing it is hard it does work very well. It also looks really bad ass and if that is important to you then why not. Another plus is it came with a lot of pieces so it can fit almost any CPU.

I would suggest using a program such as Speedfan, or HWiNFO64 to control those fan speeds, if you have them plugged into the motherboard headers. Otherwise you will have to deal with the noisy fans.

Are you sure you're using the GTS and not the older single-fan V8? The GTS has significantly raised sides to allow full-size DIMMs in any slot, as where the V8 was lower and bulkier, blocking the way for some "normal" and high-profile DIMMs.

This is the link to what I got

I have some old ram that is high profile that would not have fit with it.

Interesting. You must be using something like OCZ's Reaper series, or Corsair Dominator XMS2.

That's a lot of clearance for a tri-tower air cooler, just saying.

Well you seem are right but if you wanted to swap that out you would have to remove the CPU fan.

Definitely would have to do that. At least you have the added benefit of your RAM getting very good airflow, being that it's hugged right up against the cooler.

I never thought about that but it would.