The Cooler Master Storm Sirus

I've been thinking on saving up for a pair of Cooler Master Storm Sirus Headset, are they any good? I want a pair that has very deep bass to the point they vibrate my head, either true or virtual surround sound, solid build quality, have both usb and 3.5 headphone jack connectivity and over the ear

These headphones have very poor base (being as they hav 4 small poor quality drivers instead of 1 single top quality driver) and arent that good quality, I have tried them myselft and I know my headphones.

For that sort of price range go for the Sennheiser 555's or Beyerdynamic DT 770/880's

There's no point in buying a true 5.1 headphones for this price as they are all poor quality in sound, your much better off buying good quality stereo phones.
And virtual surround has nothing to do with the actual headphones, its just done through your soundcard, and on the ASUS sound cards it works very very well indeed.

What about some of the Trittion headsets?

Again, pretty poor.

Most of these headsets like the CM Storm/Corsair/Tritton's are very gimmicky and may look cool and have good looking specs and good marketing but they are cheap with not so good quality sound and are completely blown away by good quality headphones for the same price such as the Sennheiser's and DT's

True on that part, I've also been looking into some of the Cyber Snipa headphones though. Logan said they are really good

They are pretty good because of how much they cost, they are worth and good for the money they are, if they were the same price as the CM storm for example they wouldnt be, but for how much they cost yes they are good headphones and on par with the likes of CM Storm/trirrom's for less money.

If you want good quality though for your budget you can get some pretty decent headphones and get a dedicated soundcard.


I do happen to have a dedicated soundcard, I have the Creative Labs Audigy SE, but I've been using the Audio from my G510 for the time being while I'm waiting for my TekNmotion Headsets to get here from warrenty. The sound quality does come in good, I tend to use the EQ a lot. Really help with getting extra bass and clarity.