The Cold War Breathes Again

Not really, I just found the whole USA - Russia spying thing quite ironic.

Great... so not only is it not a return to to good old days when we knew who our enemy was, but also a reminder of how screwed the US economy is becoming. First we had a great deal of outsourcing of manufacturing, but it was okay since we were then relying on our technological superiority that we could sell to other countries to keep up our GDP. Now, we can't even rely on that since parts of our government have impregnated our tech suppliers so companies and other countries don't want to have to deal with the US. As an American who teaches the future our my country, I feel so screwed and so disappointed in the direction people have put our country. I really hope that people my age can help fix this in the next 30 years or so before we start to die off. (Since I know the generation that I'm teaching will not be able to fix it.)

yeah right, we built the internet and now we gota fix the old people's mess.

Just watched a video debate on the NSA's spying. I'm actually a bit upset and disturbed by the number of people who found that Snowden's actions were very disagreeable. Something like 56% of Americans.

People are supporting this mass surveillance counter terrorism solution, built by the state. The same state that bred/created the kind of terrorism that America faces now - that's ironic.

Anything over 20% and I shocked. And my friends wonder why I hate the masses


There are a lot of confused people in this world. What started as a simple political agenda to get votes has turned into a strong belief.

I knew it was going to be metal gear related when I saw the name  Joakim  and cold war in the title lol

Even followers of Islam think our security needs are overestimated. I think the Middle East has a great many people who are misunderstood. It's the crimes of the few. Though, he still kind of threatens that his God will judge those who do not do the right thing in Syria.

Think East versus West is a fabrication that we have created against some intelligent people that want peace. This fear that fabricates the need for mass surveillance.


On a side note, I do enjoy a lot of Vice documentaries. I think a lot of their coverage of conflict is good.

I agree with most points here except

Their divorce rates are minuscule.  

I would like to actually see some numbers on that because I can think of a lot of uber rich people that have been divorced. In addition to that I wonder if the rate of cheating that is tolerated by the less financially well off of the two partners is higher when dealing with couples that have very lopsided wealth (as these are the types of people who often get prenups a divorce will not be a simple matter of 'splitting it all down the middle').