The Changing of Time

This has been on my mind lately.

Does anyone else feel like, or has anyone else noticed that, the perception of time has been changing? Like in YouTube videos someone will say “Way back in 2015…” 2015 was only two years ago. That’s not a long time.

I think I started to notice this somewhere between 2010 and 2012. I feel like it has something to do with the pace of technology. We get new processors (or at least updates to processors) at least once a year, and sometimes twice. Same thing for phones, updated models once or twice a year. A lot of things seem to follow this trend now. Attention spans seem shorter, everything has to happen fast or it doesn’t matter. Facebook and Twitter may contribute to this in some ways as well.

I feel like this is changing people’s perception of how time moves. Ot should move. Everything is faster, things happen more frequently.

Anyone else noticed this? Am I making sense? I have no idea.


I keep telling myself that its 2013 for some reason. Maybe it has to do with the tech ting. I notice I’m on the internet more then I was in 2013, so maybe that is why.

The rate at which information is entering your brain is increasing

The more information available to you and with more events seemingly passing so your perception of time will also change. But time isn’t real in the first place, it’s only a reflection of change.

Time seems faster the older you get

Going day by day in high school was molasses in winter compared to the greased lightning that is adulthood


Feels like a year or two ago that I was telling the neighbor it was stupid to buy a large gas tank and filling it with gas because he thought that Y2K was going to destroy civilization. He kept buying more and more tanks with money from his savings because it was obviously not going to be there after Y2K wiped out all of the computers.

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Perception of time is a funny thing. Whenever my friends or I say “ten years ago” we all think about the 2000 - 2005 period. It is definitely the age factor.


As an old guy I can verify that the perception of time changes with age.

What I see is not we have less downtime now and each minute has more things that has to happen than 1 minute from 10 years ago. Plus we are better connected to information, new news happens every minute. Sometimes I have to force myself to just veg out and not get antsy if I am idle for a few minutes.

Time Compression: The time is the same, we are just getting more done.


Same here, except I think of the early to mid-90s


I’ve head people say that it’s because as you get older, each day/month/year etc is a smaller fraction of your overall life. Eg, at 12 one year is 1 12th of your life while at 50, it’s only 1 50th and thus feels shorter.
Just a theory though, no actual evidence. Makes sense to me though.