The Bug Fix Colection (in development)

Hi guys, I'm thinking about making some content for my YouTube channel focused on solving issues related to game bugs, launcher issues and solvable compatibility issues like SLI, conflicting settings, running fps over frame lock etc. I am the guy all my friends call about bug issues with their games and I usual try my hardest to fix the problems. I spend upwards of two hours on forums fixing some of these problems and decided some videos targeted at non-geeks detailing fixes including config file modding, compatibility patches and in game settings. Does anyone think this would be useful for themselves or less tech minded friend.

I have access to Nvidia single card/SLI and AMD single card soon to be crossfire also 2, 4 and 8 core CPUs from Intel. I would also welcome suggestions for videos especial if you have a detailed description of your fix. Requests for fixes would take longer to do but are also a possibility.

Note that I have time to do this because i am a University student, that also means sometimes I wont have time to make new videos/ find fixes immediately this also means I am some what limited in the range of content i can make to start with as I cannot buy every game and hardware config to make repeatable bugs thus limiting my ability to develop solutions for everyone.

Cheers Jesse an Australian Tek guy

Dude you should check out sounds right up your street. 

Thanks for the tip, this looks like a fantastic source of information.

This would be highly valued by people such as myself. I know a lot about hardware but software aspects are where I'm weak at dealing with problems like this. I know several friends who ask me for advice and I barely know how to do anything concerning fixes outside of modding Skyrim (which I think a labotomized monkey could do). Go for it man. You'll have me visiting and subscribing at least. 

I'd definately watch it. if I were you I would start the series featuring games that are moded regularly.