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Edmund just announced that he is entering grind mode with the development stages of the game!


It's going to use "Retro Style 16-bit" Pixelated (resembling SNES and Sega Genesis) Graphics. This re-release is being made with a proper game engine overhaul (non-Flash) that will run more efficiently on lower level languages with a better graphics API. It will also have a lot more content than the original games had!


Edmund's comment:

Isaac Rebirth Development 


Game Trailer:


Edmund's Teaser:


Game Info:


Edmund said he aimed the art style as "Gameboy esque" not SNES or Genesis.

I've been patiently impatient for this game, I've put a lot of hours into WotL and Rebirth actually fixes every issue I currently have with the game. Also, I love the GBC-style Edmund got going for it. I just hope he was able to get the designers he was requesting (possibly still is).

Until this comes out, I'm going to try to get my Mom's heart down to sub 20min. 

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I have been so hyped for this game for quite some time, i kinda like he is changing the art style. Don't get me wrong i love the flash-style he usues on TBoI and Super Meat boy but it goes from charming and different to boring kinda fast.

I just hope the game is stable, runs smoothly and can handle a bunch of stuff on screen. I can remember my game crashing because of too many things in a room.

Anyways .....  .   I'm pumped!!!