The Best R9 280X

hello i am planning on buying an R9 280X and would like to know which one you guys think is the best for overclocking, quiet and cool performance and best quality (no coil whine).

Well if the 7970s are anything to go by, and they probably are, I would suggest the HIS IceQ x2, the MSI twin Frozr or the Asus Direct Cu II

People have been saying that the Sapphire Toxic R9 280x is the best out there, but I believe it's a bit more expensive. It just depends how much you want to spend. I would agree with bennotiddy if you didn't want to get a more extreme card like the toxic.

While the expensive part is true, I'd have to say; this card does deliver. :)

The Asus Matrix has a hugh cooler on it and is overclocked quite well at stock

i have heard that the amd cards have some issues with micro stuttering. do you know if the 7970 or the r9 280x have any major cases of these problems

Single amd cards have no micro stuttering only in crossfire (2 or more cards together) have had some micro stuttering which amd is still in the process of fixing.

thanks! as long as i can have a smooth gameplay experience it will be fine.

if you want to get the best bang for buck go with


HiS IceQ x2 Turbo 280x. $320


if you want to go overkill then this is your best bet

Sapphire 280x Toxic. $350-360


NOTE. toxic version is hard to find as of now. but the HIS version is easy to find and its the next best thing.


if you must use another brand MSI is ok...just ok