The best overclock an undervolt?

So after getting tired of my old GPU overclock on my RX580 and the insane sound levels that came with it, I decided to make my own overclock table for different voltage/frequency/noise. This enables to switch different profiles between games - only enabling enough performance to achieve the framerate I want and keeping the noise as low as possible.

This is what I ended up with:

The temperature and fan speed was taken while running heaven given enough time for the temperature to stabilize. I find it especially interesting how the manufacturer basically has the cooling capacity of the card at max with the stock frequency/voltage. This means that to get extra performance out of the card I have no choice but to undervolt it.

This graph shows how quickly fan speeds ramp up:

The stock setting for my card is:

Core: 1365 MHz
Memory: 2000 MHz
Voltage: 1.15v
Power: 135w

Under this config my card would reach the power limit pretty quickly resulting in the frequency dropping. Pushing the memory past 2000 MHz caused framerate to drop. Would probably have to BIOS mod to increase the memory speed without increasing timings.

It seems that the cooler on this card maxes out at 135w without the temps increasing at an ambient of 25c.

The card I have: