The best MOBO brand that has the lowest ODDs of DOA

I don't want to buy a MOBO and it comes DOA because I am moving to Hawaii on the 26th and don't want to pay a arm and a leg for shipping. Oh yeah make sure it is AM3+.

that would be ASRock

although realistically the return rate is low enough on any brand for it to not matter

Okay thanks. Too bad TD doesn't sell asrock, I have to get it off of newegg and there super expensive shipping. Frigging $20. That money could go into a 990fx chipset mobo.

check amazon

i am going to say asus sabertooth the are nice and you should be able to overclock the crap out of it 


ps i hope you dont drink milk it's more expencive than gas out there per gallon 

You can never go wrong with an ASUS board. That's why I bought an ASUS instead of a Gigabyte after my MSI failed. I wanted something that I knew would work.

reccomend any for low $100 price range. Don't wanna skimp on the 7870 and have to get a 1gb 7850.

So you want to skim on the part that powers the GPU and gives bandwidth for everything?

You no make sense sir.


Asus M5A97 (NOT LE. If you can afford the EVO it's nicer).

Usually around 90$

Actually I wanted a mobo that works out of the box with the fx 6300. I don't want to buy a damn semperon.

this looks good I have to order from TD because no one like 20 dollar shipping.

I know, I used to live there. In a one of the local stores it was $10 a gallon. Thank government for Food Stamps.

all r2.0 boards supports the  visehera´s out of box!

i depends on what kind of gpu setup you want to use, of you only gonne use a single 7850  card, and not gonne setup a sli or crossfire setup.

then you  better go for de Asus M5A97 evo r2.0

it has the  same fuetures as the M5A99FX only it doesnt support  sli.

about oc fuetures its has the same fuetueres, and also the same bios as the  M5A99FX pro r2.0 or the Sabbertooth 990fx


well I think I am going to get that board along with a fx 6300, xfx 7870 xfx 650w and money left over for a decent Mask and fins and a boogie board for hawaii. If didn't buy the hawaii stuff then I would throw that money into an 8core. or possible a monitor.

ive got a M5A97 evo r 2.0 with a amd fx8350 and a 700 W  coolermaster  and a 7870, it runs fine :)

Well, if you want to save some cash, I have an Athlon 64 X2 I can send you for free...
And get a pre-R2.0 board... also R2.0 do not have SATA2... I found out that my M5A99X EVO R2.0 only has 6 SATA instead of 8 like my older M5A99X EVO... was sad since I wanted to RAID10 5 drives + my SSD... and an optical because I burn quite a lot of stuff.

Thanks but no thanks. I have bout $900 and would have too much extra money. Also I am 14 and my mom might not like so person I don't know sending me stuff.