The best kung-fu, hacking, nazi, viking movie ever!

Have y'all noticed this wonderfully brilliant kickstarter film?

This project is so awesome you can't even handle it. And it's made by a few guys in a greenscreen room in Umeå, Sweden. That director dude is the shit. I used to study in that town, I wish I would have heard of them back then.

Every single shot in this trailer has so many nuances of awesomeness and comedic genius I can't even

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Needless to say, you back this shit up right now! You back it! Now! This!

Yeah I think its cool.. I posted this youtube vid in the lounge like 2 and half days ago..I will post it here to try and get more interest generated for this movie..

It reached its goal on kick starter I believe. 

They are so going to hit the million dollar mark and make the full length movie. It's like history in the making. Insta cult classic.

ya defiantly. Its the next big lebowski IMO.

this movie. just so much awesome-ness!