The Best Dual GPU Solution?

Hey I am wanting to buold a dual GPU machine to run a 3 monitor setup. Now I am wondering what is the best solution to choses I am currently tinking of using 2 7970's in Cross-Fire and running it with Eyefinity, but I have been heraring about problems running them in crossfire and Eyefinity at the same time. So what would be the more stable dual GPU solution 2x7970 or 2xGTX680?


Thank you. 

My friend has always had problems with Eyefinity, but it might work for you. :D This friend of mine is also an idiot so this anecdote should be taken with a grain of salt, lawlz.

Ok thank you fo the advice I just remeber in one of Logans benchmarking vids he mentioned a problem he was having with Cross-Fire+Eyefinity and I have been reading around and it seems the SLI+Nvidia Souround is more accepting of things


well, i have two 4890's in my desktop as well as an apu + my laptop. i have never had any issues with xfire, except for one time when i updated battlefield bc2 and water and smoke stopped showing up, but a driver update fixed that.

From the other articles I have seen it seems to only apply to the 7000 series and I more spacificaly think the 7970 

680's in SLI have much less problems. But you might need to spend some serious cash on the cards to get a high rez solution across mupltiply monitors.

I have two in crossfire and eyefinity works fine. 

Some people have driver problems with Crossfire because of the games they play. I've used SLI for a pretty long time and havent had any problems, with any of my games. I can only say from experience.