The best cooling for gtx980

I'm going to buy one gtx 980 but i have a question.
Which cooling unit is the best
The Windforce from gigabyte;
The twinfrozen from msi;
Or the acx 2.0 from evga
which one do you guy thinks that is the best and why?

They all do well, and the 980 doesn't give off a lot of heat to begin with, so you are likely to be fine with whatever. That said, I have heard more positive things about the ACX and the MSI than about the Gigabyte cooler (though that is not 980 specific). Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of reviews of these aftermarket coolers out yet. In a few months, we should have some nice comparisons though (might be able to compile some from various sources now if you look hard enough). If you can swing it though, water cooling is the best way to go if you want to absolute best. Otherwise, honestly, I don't think that you can go wrong with the 980s.