The best 7950

This is a simple one that I am looking to have answered after hours of digging, which of the 7950's are the best (regardless of pricepoint comparison). I was thinnking the b/c the msi twin frozr dual fan was sold out. thoughts?



So many 7950 questions.  I would go with this model...

It's a great overclocker.  The big blower style fan will push heat directly out of the back of the case, and the heat pipes will also help dissipate heat.

Ordered this Powercolor 7950 PCS+ a few hours ago. Pretty much the equivalent to (Euro version) Club3d's 7950 Royalking card minus the red PCB.  Quiet and is pretty cool from what i heard also it's a reference PCB according to EK so in the future you can watercool.  Tiny Tom Logan covers it.