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The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?



EDIT: For transparency’s sake I should mention that I work at a beer/wine distributor. I don’t get free beer or anything, but I figure I’d mention it. My posts previous to this one I was not working for said distributor if it matters.




That’s a real nice example of the style IMO.

Plus the cap’s not on so we know you drank it. And it’s sitting on a rad.


I was familiarizing myself with some of our suppliers since I haven’t had too many craftier beers from away, and Founders had consistently good ratings online across all of their dark beers so I decided to go for it. I got one of those “make your own six pack” things and grabbed two each of Founders Dirty Bastard, Founders Porter, and Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet. I haven’t tried the porter yet, but the other two have been a good choice.

Dirty Bastard was a very good drink, probably a solid 8 out of 10 from me. It was certainly plenty easy going down for the 8.5% ABV it lists. Also well balanced between malts and hops. Not too sweet, not too bitter. I haven’t had too much luck with dark beers in the past, but I will definitely have Dirty Bastard on the list again if I ever want something dark in the future.

(I had been writing quick reviews of beers elsewhere, I ought to migrate some here. And work through my backlog.)


@Steinwerks I had Obsidian Stout on friday at the local Flying Saucer. Still very nice. Also had Left hand Milk Stout, worth itas a worthy second


It’s quite good, I recommend it.


Because it seems to be the only thing on tap around here that isn’t the color of piss.


You migjt like Hopinator by Holgate Brewhouse. I found some at a Harris Teeter once, was decent if you’re into the Hops

Deschutes is climbing the charts for me of late, as I mentioned before a local Flying saucer has the Obsidian Stout and it is very good, along with the Lefthand Milk Stout


Yeah, used to get the Obsidian Stout but it was always sold out everywhere. The Black Butte Porter is good in the bottle but after having it from the keg, it seems to taste better. Botteling it seems to make it lose some of the flavor or they add something to it when it gets bottled.


This is pretty common with beer generally as kegging is done using a process that eliminates oxygen, plus the kegs are pressurized using CO2 which helps retain the flavor by preventing oxidization.


Drinking this atm.

Got it from a colleague who brewed it. Sells it to a local restaurant as well.

An oak barrel double IPA. Amazingly smooth and balanced. Loving it


Another nitro, Polygamy Porter by Wasatch. Probably one of the best things coming out of Utah, certainly beverage-wise anyway.


Founders Porter

Smells a bit roasty, tastes like dark chocolate. It’s not too sweet, nor too bitter. Very well balanced and a smooth drink. Dark, chocolatey, and no acrid burnt taste.

I’d rate it an 8 out of 10 again. The first one I had I was kind of put off by the coffee smell, but the second time around I noticed much more of the other aspects of the beer. For sure a beer I’d get a pint of at a pub.


Loving all the dark stuff in here, wish I could go shopping but work keeps me too busy this time of year, so I’m stuck with Miller High Life (such an ironic name).


My last two entries are the first two dark beers I’ve had in a long time. I pretty much haven’t had anything dark since the poor decision of a Guinness and having a friend of mine pour drinks for me.

My backlog consists almost entirely of IPAs and Pale Ales right now :frowning_face: Only different ones are homebrew.


Guinness sucks IMO.

I broke down and am having a second beer this evening:



Horrible excuse for a proper dark beer.


F U @w.meri

I passed this up just 2 hrs ago and still want to go back to the Lowes to pick it up, I’ll leave it for Saturday afternoon ! I was in MI about 4 months ago and went to Founders, very good stuff there.


@Steinwerks @w.meri @sycpuppy Here is my entry. I am glad to join you all (wish I would have sooner)


An excellent imperial Russian!



There’s a local place here called Salud. some very Prime Imperial Russians the last time I was there. I’m itching to go back soon. I thought I checked a while back on a thread like this in the past. Good to see Beer Diversity here. Will definitely have IPA, Porters and Stouts from me here soon