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The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?



I love sours personally, but given that it’s currently -6°F outside this is what I’m drinking right now:

Very heavy on the coffee flavor, thick like a stout should be and just bitter enough to balance it all out.


I’m a simple man. PBR, Miller, whatever else that’s easy to drink. I get angry when people tell me I’m “trashy” because I don’t have a picky palate. I’ll drink nicer beer and enjoy it greatly, but since I don’t really care I go with what’s drinkable and cheap. If I’m in the mood for something heavier I’ll grab a Guinness, Boddingtons, or similar, something that my imagination tells me I’d find in a pub after a Liverpool game.

I guess I’m really quite fond of all beer, but just not that picky on what. I enjoy trying new beers and almost always enjoy them but this never convinces me to choose a nicer genre in which to spend my money.


The only time I drink corn beer is when work events have them for free, and even then I can only really drink one. Beers like those make me feel ill these days, and this coming from someone who used to drink copius quantities of Black Label and PBR. I think my tolerance to them ran out several years ago :joy:


Beavertown brewery - Gamma Ray - American Pale Ale
:+1: :+1: :+1:


Quite the Mars Attacks theme going on there!


Had to try something fancy the other night:

Great beer, the lambic yeast (I think) can really be felt in the aroma, but the flavor is a subtle sour, still definitely a porter but with a lot of muted notes, very nice, not overly clean though. Very enjoyable.

And one of my favorites last night (if that’s not evident by the pint glass):


Continuing with the winter trend:


Keeping it alive at all costs!

Actually this wasn’t too expensive, but it is delicious!


Mocha stout, my favorite of all beers. Followed closely by Imperial stouts. The darker the better imo.


I’m in the same boat, especially during winter. Oatmeal and Imperial stouts are probably my go-tos below freezing.


Deschutes is still my go to, just feels and tastes like a perfect stout.

Also picked up this guy a few days ago…

Aaaand its gone.


One of the more over rated Whisky’s on the market. I highly recommend Old Pultney 12 y/o or Glen Cadam 15 y/o if you can still find it.

Also how to you finish 750 ml of single malt in a couple days?


Idk, there was a sale on it lmao.

Shared with company, I don’t hate my liver that much.


You are not worthy lol. You don’t drink that much when you pour a dram. Did they quaff that shit down like Karkov or something?

Mind if I ask how much they charged you for that bottle? That 14y/o near me is nearly 70 bucks which is nuts IMO. I’ve seen it online for 40 before.


Yea it was about $45, which was pretty cheap for the 14yr.

And yea it was a combo of having friends over and a celebration for the last duck hunt of the season.



Pretty much anything that’s Czech or Icelandic. I have yet to be dissappointed.


Another localesque beer by Madhouse:

Not super cherry-flavored, but holy hell it’s got a real sour kick. I’ve had their Sour Diesel which is quite good, as well as Black & Blue - yes, a blackberry and blueberry sour - which is egregiously strong in the sour department, and this reminds me much more of the latter. It’s got a nice aftertaste though, lingering flavor without the sour kick but a hint of tart. It’s very much like a porter, dark without the heaviness of a stout.

I’d probably be an alcoholic if I lived within walking distance of their taproom though.


I’ve got Miller High Life because poor and that beer is cheap while still being drinkable.
Certainly not my preferred stuff… but it does the job in a pinch


I think the cheapest I’d go and pay for it these days would be Beck’s Dark.

But about ten years ago I drank more Black Label than you would believe… for better or worse I suppose.

Edit: I should note that the corn beers just make me feel terrible now although I don’t know why. Guess I’m getting old :persevere: