The Battlefield Replacement

Hi all,

So if you've seen my '2 cents' on Battlefield Hardline  then you will know that I don't like that Battlefield franchise anymore and more importantly that there is no Battlefield series anymore. So with that said, what can replace it??


How can I get my 'all out vehicular warfare' if it isn't in battlefield anymore and the BF games that had it are now dead!


I'm thinking about either World War era games with populated vehicle use along with some infantry or modern era games with the same theme, not as much future warfare though as that is where all the shitty games as a trend are going right now.



PLEASE if you know of any games like I've described that could fill the place of Battlefield bellow in the comments as it was some of the most fun I've had in gaming


Well assuming you're into a more sci-fi theme I suppose the new Battlefront could work - but of course EA and Dice will probably completely fuck that up.

I suppose the best bet at this point in time I can think of is Red Orchestra 2. Berserker is more qualified to speak on it though since I've only really played the tutorial.

I'm sort of disappointed with Battlefield as well. And seeing as the original Battlefront was my first shooter, I definitely love objective- and vehicle- based shooters.

Well if you haven't heard tried Rising Storm/ Red Orchestra yet i would give that a go. Considering it relies on team based gameplay a lot when it comes to bigger servers. And there are quite a few maps that have tanks in them.

These are the only ones i can think of:

Project reality a BF2 mod

And the Arma series

Maybe give Planetside 2 a try?