The Banner Saga

Discussion thread for The Banner Saga.


I'll start by saying that The Banner Saga has been one of my most looked forward to games since Oblivion. I've been wanting this thing since its inception years ago. Let me also say that virtually every game I've very much looked forward to has let me down. And The Banner Saga did not let me down. This game is a crowning achievement of indie games, kickstarter, and strategy games as a whole. I would put it within the same tier as Tactics Ogre.

Now to be fair, my favorite realm of fantasy, and history, are nordic cultures. I love norse mythology, I love vikings, barbarians, celts, dwarves, and everything that goes along with them. This game gets the feeling of this kind of world flawlessly. But my love for this game goes beyond that. It looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful, the story so far is very well written, and the gameplay is solid.

Really, it's probably better than most every game released in 2013. That doesn't say much on its own, I'll admit, but still.


What do you think of this game?