The backplate of the CPU socket (LGA 1150) seems to be attached to the motherboard with double sided tape

I'm trying to replace the stock cooler on this motherboard, it previously lived inside of an HP Pavilion p7 1040. But the backplate seems to be attached to the motherboard with some sort of double sided tape.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience? Any tips on getting the thing loose?

With double sided tape (really any glue) a heat gun is suggested. You can use a hot blow dryer too.

WD-40 works miracles on double-sided tape, but potentially messy.

Might be conductive, wouldnt do that in this case. However i will keep tat in mind later on.

Nail polish remover will get off leftover glue... but it does require removal from friction... and you would certainly need to wait for it dry before putting power back to it... won't leave any mess

Heat to remove back plate, alcohol to remove residue

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WD 40 is non conductive.

Good to know. Still might fuck something up, i personally wouldnt use it in this case.

Oh I totally agree its a terrible idea. Its just non conductive. :D

Yeah, i dont like to put much on my tech. I like rubbing alcohol best.