The Asus P4800E-Deluxe (Pentium 4 motherboard)

So I think this was mentioned on L1 news not too long ago but why are these motherboards so expensive today?

Is it some nostalgia thing?

I happen to have one with some P4 3 or 3.2 GHz and I was actually thinking of letting it act as a CA as it probably does not have ME or as shady microcode but I haven’t really seen the reasoning from anyone else to the price of these.

Very old EOL hard to get.
But i wouldn’t invest in that old platform anymore.
It does not really make much sense.

I get that the supply is low but why is there a demand?

Because of Xeons and and also of motherboards that die quicker than CPUs

Nice motherboards for older platforms that have overclockable server chips available are always priced high. Company retire servers, the recyclers often part out the CPUs to be sold, then there is a glut in the market for these nice CPUs (for the socket that is), the prices fall a lot, and people buy them and buy a motherboard to go along with their cheap chip. There are more CPUs being introduced to the market then there are motherboards, therefore motherboards rise in price.

This is exacerbated by the fact that motherboards die quicker then CPUs, assuming that the CPU is not overclocked.

While generally true, the board in question is Socket 478, and there are no Xeon processors that fit that socket.

The primary reason for the ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe (and the lesser P4P800-E Deluxe) being worth so much is it’s the highest spec S478 board made. Being the flagship of an entire generation immediately makes it more valuable. In this case the list of features includes dual-channel DDR400 support, native SATA, Gigabit ethernet, and the mighty 800MHz FSB. Those were game-changing features for the S478 platform, and so anyone looking to relive the P4 days will look no further than the absolute best of the best.


I have one with P4 Extreme CPU… I sold off the DDR RAM a long time ago but I’ve kept the board and chip for some reason. Nostalgia, I suppose. It’s even mounted in a monstrosity of a chassis, an old Thermal Take unit that supports like 9 fans and has a side panel window. A really killer chassis back in the day. I’ve often thought about bringing it back to life but meh… I was going to send the board and CPU to Gamers Nexus when Steve was having folks send old stuff in to put on their wall but I was too lazy. Maybe I will dig it out of the back closet, take some snaps and post it to the build a pc thread and ask for advice on parts list, Ha!

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