The ASRock DeskMini A300: A Big PC In A Small Package | Level One Techs

I finally managed to grab one, with sadly… a 3400G … That was not optimal. Mem-wise I did manage to get me some DDR4 3200MHz (CL …22…) 2x8gb -
Now … Show of hands if any - how many have gone bananas with alternate cooling, or have you all just done the “sane thing” and toned down the apu to a less… warm setup?

Proof of stupidity attached as image…


ASRock DeskMini 2 Barebone PC w/ASRock X300M-STX mobo (supports overclocking). See @_rogame’s tweet & Tom’s Hardware article:


ASRock product page for the updated DeskMini X300 Barebone

It’d be great to see a video when this kit hits the streets!


Here’s the ETA Prime (YouTube) build of a DeskMini X300 + Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G with an ID-Cooling IS-47K low-profile CPU cooler squeezed in, and a 3600 MT/s RAM overclock.

I did a video on this too :slight_smile:

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I remember seeing that video, but can’t find it anymore. Maybe I’m stupid, but could someone post the link?

it was the troll video

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What’s the thermals like in the X300 if you were to, for example, run a Handbrake queue for a good number of hours.

I’d love to replace my huge (and mostly empty) PC case with one of these mini boxes but I have like being able to encode for days on my old i5. Picking up a TV Series means encoding 10+ episodes which can mean days if you choose x265 preset

That was a hidden troll indeed. Have you grunted through the PRO features in detail?

No, this particular platform doesn’t really do the pro features well, at least the ones I’m interested in. On the todo list for when things slow down again though.

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Looking forward too it! And yes, perhaps I do agree. Need to revisit the spec-cheat again for PRO :).