The ARCTIC Freezer 4U SP3 is out of stock everywhere in one day, whats going on

please note they are back on amazon. $87 at time of posting this.


Note the Amazon price is currently coming from a third-party seller.
Arctic’s official presence on Amazon is here; I haven’t come across another US distributor carrying this cooler so far.

EDIT: here’s the plain text link, since the forum referral link rewriter is now just breaking it:


Really hoping there is a new version of this that fits into most 4U cases. It’s about 4 mm too high my new Silverstone NAS case. :frowning:

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We are preparing a revision of it that will be few mm lower. Those 4U case with ample space wasted below the Motherboard indeed hit us in the compatibility segment.


That’s excellent news. Do you know roughly when you expect the new version to be available? I am just trying to work out what solution to use in the meantime, and this will largely depend on how long we’ll be waiting :slight_smile:


It should be launched somewhen in April or May, depends of how the logistics chain works… but ssshhh :shushing_face:, you did not hear anything :grin:


Do you have any further info on the smaller SP3 4U cooler?

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Any news on this? Is the build quality going to be improved? My current 4U SP3 has had it’s topmost plates come loose and it’s worrying.

Is there any update to the 4U SP3? I have a Rosewill RSV-L4412U 4U and just bought an Asrock Rack Romed8-2t and an Epyc Rome 7302p. I could go with a Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3, but the orientation is wrong for pushing air out of the case.

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They are back in stock in the US amazon.

I ordered one on July 28th, but it seems to have been lost en route. I never got it.

The first one I purchased from a seller they cancelled my order and said they didn’t have any. Then I bought one from artic freeze that had a few dents and dings. I got everything up and running but none of my drives are showing in unraid except for the 4 nvme drives I have in a ASUS 4 nvme enclosure. No p2000 showing either. not sure what the problem is.

@Memes11 any word on stock? I cannot find any for my epyc milan build in the US.
Old or new ver.
I do not have a clearance issue so can use the older ARCTIC Freezer 4U model.

I have just been informed from our supplier that this product is now EOL. What a pity that i just find a good cooler in the correct orientation for TR Pro/Epyc (I dont have any clearance issues as i use 5U Silverstone chassis) and now its not available. There is no indication if this is, as another poster has suggested, to slightly reduce the height of the cooler.

The only alternatives are the Dynatron A39 and the new A50 as far as i can tell and they get bloody loud. And the Supermicro SNK-P0064AP4 which is utterly terrible for TR Pro.

I can understand the logistical issue with it having to clear the memory slots on both sides (Including the heatpipes) but its been an issue with TR Pro and Epyc since it was introduced and only a couple of companies have had a go at it. Noctua state that thier NH-U9 TR4-SP3 coolers are compatible but they dont state that in a rack chassis with Epyc or TR4 the socket is in the wrong orientation.

Those new Siena / SP6 boards use the same SP3 cooler mounting (?) so I’d guess they’d do a new revision of this for that. this had a mention of new revision. Is that video on Patreon or what?

So it wasn’t 4U after all :frowning:

Yes, Wendell has a video up on Patreon on a new revision that is a bit shorter, called 4U-M.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be in stock or even mentioned in Arctic’s Marketing Materials yet.


Well, after months of delays, we finally arrived. Freezer 4U-M is launched today. On the menu :

  • reduced height for better compatibility with 4U cases
  • addition of the support for sockets LGA4189 and LGA4677

The cooler of course still support SP3, SP6, TR4, TR5.



When will it be available in United States? Seems out of stock on Amazon.