The ARCTIC Freezer 4U SP3 is out of stock everywhere in one day, whats going on

just got mine in the mail straight from Germany. and I must say… nothing… NOTHING could have prepared me for the size of this thing.


please note they are back on amazon. $87 at time of posting this.


Note the Amazon price is currently coming from a third-party seller.
Arctic’s official presence on Amazon is here; I haven’t come across another US distributor carrying this cooler so far.

EDIT: here’s the plain text link, since the forum referral link rewriter is now just breaking it:


Really hoping there is a new version of this that fits into most 4U cases. It’s about 4 mm too high my new Silverstone NAS case. :frowning:

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We are preparing a revision of it that will be few mm lower. Those 4U case with ample space wasted below the Motherboard indeed hit us in the compatibility segment.


That’s excellent news. Do you know roughly when you expect the new version to be available? I am just trying to work out what solution to use in the meantime, and this will largely depend on how long we’ll be waiting :slight_smile:


It should be launched somewhen in April or May, depends of how the logistics chain works… but ssshhh :shushing_face:, you did not hear anything :grin: