The AMDGPU Info/News Thread

Dont worry, gonna be here in the year of the linux desktop!

There is no year of linux people just need to man up.

I know. Also the whole process of linux taking over the desktop (I dont even think thats ever gonna happen) isn’t gonna happen in one certain year. Its been happening for years and its gonna keep happening for a while.
But in all seriousness, is AMD DC even coming at this point? We’ve been waiting for over 9 months and they’re not really progressing a whole lot

Bit of a ridiculous statement isn’t it?

At any rate, if you really need it, here you go

The only reason for that is people have been taught not to break things. The vast majority in fact. Because of this I doubt we’ll see an advance for while until ms loses stocks it 4 or 5 years. Not too long of a wait.

I have audio at my computer via sound card, but I also run the HDMI out to my TV and another system/monitor downstairs, so HDMI audio is the only practical option for sound since I can’t run any more wiring.

Isn’t that only the case for upstream amdgpu drivers? I’m using the amdgpu-pro drivers from AMD and it was my understanding that these supported HDMI audio via out-of-tree code.

That’s correct. The pro driver already supports HDMI audio while the open source stack is still waiting for DC.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.
DC has been mainlined! Now there is nothing stopping me from buying a Vega card. The Wait for freesync begins…


According to AdoredTV linux will be getting some software when the update lands for us! That’ll be nice. I’d rather have an interface for OC rather than just hoping that I don’t fuck up a terminal command.

The update is live now. PCPer had a good video with a couple of the Radeon guys.

Lol yeah the windows version, but this is a linux focused thread.

I created a separate thread about that big news.

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lol I saw that, just the software suite for the general driver seemed like the perfect cap to this thread.

It can probably be locked now, but I don’t want to say TOO much as when that software suite drops I want to have bug tracking go on in here, hopefully. Or I’ll just post bugs here.

Didn’t mean to steal from your thread! Sorry if I did :3

You’re right, took me a while to get that one through my brain.


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Still the update is healthy now that I think about it. Any windows bugs get fixed there and in linux, any linux bugs are fixed in windows…

Hmm. Maybe there should be a refresh thread for bug tracking only. Might be better.

idk. I like this thread.
I really wish Linux would receive that awesome GUI with all that overclocking etc. functionality. There are speculations going around about AMD wanting to open-source it. Though it would probably take another 2 years just like it did with the Vulkan driver. :wink:

Legit what speeds that up is user reports and testing. I’m one of few people that was constantly testing the 250X side of the AMDGPU driver and the only card that didn’t get real driver coverage was the R7 370, but only because everything but the XFX and chinese cards had compatibility to the 270X driver. Not enough people testing that, so that never got fixed. Probably never will.

If you want to see that happen, legit, help where you can. I know I will.

Running Kubuntu 17.10 on a Ryzen 7 1700 (stock) and a Nitro+ RX480, with 4.14.4 kernel and oibaf ppa. Don’t have many new games to test on, but Deus EX MD and TR 2013 both run at high settings with 1440p res (no AA) at above 40fps.

There is radeon-profile for fan settings and some limited overclocking. Would be nice to have a proper AMD endorsed GUI for all the other cool features.

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To whom do you report your experience? Or is there a way to automatically send usage statistics?

For AMDGPU there was a phoronix mailing list that I sent shit to and they forwarded it for me, but I think theres an email open now for bug reports.