The Almost Mac: The better mac that runs linux

For a while I had had a thought rolling around in my mind. How could you take the workflow of a mac and put it into a linux work environment?

What I have always liked about macs was the keyboard and mouse functions. I like holding down a key, clicking, and having that right click because thats just where my hand is 90% of the time. I like the idea of having a touchpad and a mouse all at the same time, but not in one unit :P

So how do you get this environment do you ask? Plain and simple KDE. I'd like to make a log for over the next few days while I play with this. I have KDE-Connect in my distro, a spare android phone, a few other minor tools, and some videos I have to edit. What could go wrong?

Also do any of you use KDE connect and nonesuch things?

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Im getting popcorn - this is gonna be good!

I love KDE Connect! I use it for sharing links and stuff between my phone and my computer. The clipboard sharing works really well and is probably the feature I use most, because it's so convenient. The file sharing didn't work in the past, but I recently flashed my phone with CM13 and it seems to work now, so I'll probably be using that a lot too for pictures. It's also nice to see notifications from my phone on the desktop. I usually keep my phone on vibrate so being able to see when I get texts and such is very useful.

TL;DR probably one of the best convergence apps I've used.

I've also read it lets you use your phone as a touchpad. That was my main point but honestly the rest of that makes it even closer to the mac env.

Yeah, you can use it for that too... I just have never found that useful. My goal is more to touch my phone as little as possible. :P