The African build needs a guide for the future

Budget : Around 1400 USD  

Location : Zimbabwe, so yea we use USD but any store i use will be from South Africa JHB (Rand)  

i can pick from these 3 Retailers in order of preference 1 2 3 

 No extra peripherals needed. ...(yet) (my profile has my current setup)

Lots of gaming , i do mod Skyrim to oblivion (haha) i play Anno 2070 and Civ 5 and as many other games as i can . I am hoping to play in the future Witcher 3 

i do use Google sketchup for some light hobby associated work. and i have plenty of tabs and programs open at any given time 
 i hope to at least slightly OC the rig
i do host some local LAN events , i'd like to be able to reliably host some sort of servers and game at the same time with my friends.

I Do need a new case as it has been a real menace and battle to handle. 
i wanted to get the NZXT switch 810 but they are completely unavailable , i have opted for the NZXT h440 in blue instead ( i saw that the mobo was blue so that pretty much decided color)

Defiantly don't need a hard-drive but an ssd would be glorious 

A side note, the PC will live about a meter from my bed, i live with it humming but i'd be happy if i could go near silent 

i have been lurking around and compiled my own idea. but i'd be really grateful for any suggestions.

hope this is the best format ( partpicker isnt useful cuz of the price difference :/ )

here we go!

  • Cpu   i5 4460

Rand 2276  USD 212

  • Mobo  msi z97 pc mate

Rand 1622  USD 151

  • Cooler  Corsair H100i Hydro Series

Rand  1435 USD 134

  • Ram   Corsair ValueSelect  8GB (4GB x2) kit,

Rand  1101  USD 102

  • HDD   Samsung 840 EVO (MZ-7TE120BW), 120GB

Rand  1255  USD 117

  • GPU   SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 280X (11221-00-40G), Vapour X

Rand 4267 USD 398

  • Case   NZXT H440 blue

Rand  1799  USD 168

  • PSU    Corsair TX750M (CP-9020003-NA), 750w (12v: 740w),

Rand 1721   USD 160

  • Flair   Corsair AF 140 LED blue (just for looks)

Rand  153  USD  14

Rand Total 15,629    USD Total   1,456

120GB is a bit small for a computer.  You stated that you don't need a hard drive, but unless you already have one that you don't have to buy, I would suggest picking one up.

Get the i5-4690K, especially if you want to overclock.  Any Non-K part will have a locked multiplier.

Consider the Noctua NH-D14.  It performs similarly to the H100i, but is much, much quieter.  If you don't like the color, I believe Phanteks makes one very similar in terms of performance and sound.

HAha , yea i actually have 4 terrabyte drives. was just thinking of a fast OS drive that sits separately.

K for overclocking . added ! thanks that would have been a wonderful blunder

Defiantly will consider the noctua esp for the slightly lesser price for performance, i have honestly been ignoring air coolers .

color wont bother me , i always end up modding something or adding color somehow.