The A in AMD stands for angry

Ran across this story, saw that the site has been getting updated rather slowly as of late, thought I'd share. AMD is claiming that roughly 100,000 documents of theirs were taken to Nvidia after four employees left the company. That's a pretty big breach.


Just when AMD's not doing so well in the market, this happens.

More like just when AMD was managing to claw back out of the hole the dug themselves with Bulldozer. How horribly ironic is it that AMD dug themselves a figurative hole with a chipset literally called Bulldozer?

What A Major Decision.

Well it's 2 things here.

1. AMD is in some serious shit when their own employees are leaking stuff out to their competitor.

2. I was god damn right about those leaked 720 specs if this is the case. That 38 page document was too professional to counterfeit or make effectively.

Why does this happen to AMD? Those people are asses. I'm not an AMD fanboy, but really, cut it some slack. If AMD leaves, NVidia and Intel prices would skyrocket.

AMD better not have trouble because of this, theyre keeping Intel and Nvidia at bay for pricing and hopefully they improve there CPU's so that Intel has to start innovating again as is happening between AMD & Nvidia with graphics cards.

well to a large degree its already happening but if AMD were to leave, VIA/S3 would start becoming competitve again


I laughed when I read you say it's already happening to a large degree. I completely forgot about the prices of Intel's CPUs! It really is slowly happening. I don't know if even Intel fanboys would like seeing an i5 selling for the price of a current i7.

And about VIA, it's gonna be and long bumpy road ahead of them. They have competition from both NVidia and Intel. They'll probably grow first in the integrated graphics market( not the one on the CPUs). 

On the CPU side, ARM has a chance of overthrowing x86( quite sad to say this, I really like x86), so Qualcomm and NVidia( again?) will rise. Samsung, too.

Yes, even Intel( if I remember correctly) said that AMD's presence helps them to be competitive and give improved technology to people. If AMD wasn't here, Intel and Nvidia could just slack off, and feed hugely expensive garbage to the masses, and they wouldn't have much of a choice( they would at least make their products better than other companies who might try to offer other solutions). 

I really hope AMD sticks around, I just invested in a board and I guess I'll have to go after a 8350 pretty soon if I want to do a build with it... to be safe since I already bought the board. Might as well just get the processor now, avoid them disappearing all together and being left with a useless board if AMD pulls out. 

They are competitive in their market niche. Some VIA CPUs use around 80 milli watt in idle mode and the motherboards are all mitx, picoitx and nanoitx. VIA isn't producing for the same market segment like AMD and Intel.

I don't think they're gonna pull out their products from the market right away. And if they do, there's Ebay and other sites.

AMD isn't going anywhere, wtf are you all on about? If this turns into a lawsuit, whatever the outcome, it will be good for AMD.

this could've potentially killed AMD...

whatever happened, NOT COOL.

and for you fanboys out there, that think its good, Nvidia will have no competition and you should know thats REALLY bad.

Didnt AMD free up alot of cash not so long ago by selling their HQ? Any news on what they needed the cash for? :P

Wouldn't that cause a monopoly if AMD ever went out though?

Yeah, that's what were trying to say

Hope the guys who left get railed and jailed if this is true. You just dont do that leaving an organisation.

I remember a lot of linux fanboys were pissed when nvidia closed off their source code in fear the AMD would take it.

Nvidia should of sacked them on the spot bringing information like that to their new place of employement (whats stopping them going back to AMD or Intel with nividas Interlectual property)

You have to be so careful about this type of shit, especially if ur a project manager and dealing with tendors and quotes (which is what I have to deal with).

This is quite illegal. I sense an impending lawsuit.