The $9000 build

I thought it would be cool to challenge my knowledg of computers, so I decided to make the best $9000 build ever yet (not including wireless network adaptors, gaming mouses and keyboards, monitors, e.t.c.)



Also, tell me how I can improve it.


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lol is that many SSDs necessary? or was that just to drive the price up?


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BOOM! I came back, and I brought hell with me. 1.5TB of RAID 0 SSDs, a rediculous custom loop, 3970X, Tri-Titans, Case Labs case, 64GB Trident X CL8 1866mHz, and just amazingness everywhere.

Where's all the LED for that ricer look? And while on that note, get a Razer Deathstalker Elite, that Cyberbrat RAT9 mouse and a Beats by Dr Dre headset.

Finally, add some VTEC into it


Help out with this build guys. We need more guyuming gear.

P.S: I just wish the troll section on the forum hasn't been removed. ._.

first off, all I know is cheap and fast hardware, I have no knowledge of custom watercooling, but I wouldn't want to deal with that shit anyway

4-way SLI Titans, 8 core I7 which you increase teh FSB by 25% to overclock, you just gotta know your shit

you can get lower latency overclocks the fewer the ram modules you have you won't need 16GB anyways

@Spankys Climax

It would be nice to have about 10 SSDs in RAID 0 and the PC booted up in less than 3 seconds. :p Besides, $9000 is a massive budget. It's always good spend your money on the computer itself. You could buy keyboards and other stuff later. 


titans beat 690s and have 1/5 the frame latency, use way less juice, and a generate less heat

Kracken X60 beats the H100i

the 8 SSDs are all fine but the other three aren't nessisarry and with the money saved from not getting them and the HDDs could be used to get a third titan

and no game will even fully utilize 8GB so using only 4 dimms will let you achive lower latency overclocks and allow budget for the 4th titan


How 'bout THIS:


I looked up the benchmarks on the 7990 that was apparently "offically" released by AMD. Benchmarks on those are quite impressive. You could add 4 of those instead of the Titans... if you can.

As for cooling, what are you going to use to cool down your CPU? And on that note, why aren't you using that EVGA SR-X board? There are 8-core Xeons out there already. You can add 2 of them. Perfect for your premier goymin needs.

And consider 6 4k displays... I hope that helps.

yeah but I couldn't find any on newegg, and I don't like buying anywhere except there, and I don't like PC part picker

and I was too damn lazy find benchmarks

But  my queastion cause the build topic starter made seems crap to me lol

why would you put 2x4 GB in a socket 2011 system with all those titans and ssd, sorry i dont want to get rude caus i respect everyone on this community, but, if you know anything about intels highend socket 2011 then, you must know that its better in everyway to take the full advaniced of the chipset x79 and that processor, so  then you put in  quad channel memory, i would say at least 16/32 GB

grtz Angel ☺

well its more of a just for fun or contest with no prize kind of deal I think the joke is suppose to be

"Its OVER 9000!!!!"


haha yeah its cool to me ☺


This is the best computer in the world.

LOL @ Sempron...

add 64gb or corsair dominator ram you wont need it but if you are spending 9000 dollars you need 64gb and it will help in sony vegas or adobe premire 

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