The 2gb 760 that could

This has me puzzled but my 2gb 760 is totally capable of gaming at 1440p averaging above 30 fps in AC4 almost maxed, Metro 2033 almost maxed, Tomb raider (the newish one) almost maxed... there's a trend here and skyrim with 27 graphics mods completely maxed. CPU is an AMD FX 6300 @ stock speeds, 8gb RAM and a mechanical drive. I'm not sure how the card has survived this the screen is one of the overloard computer's 1440p OC models

Of Note: Star Citizen runs at 1440p on medium as smooth as ive ever seen it run

I've noticed the GTX 760 can do 1440 well enough, as long as MSAA is off. FXAA can be on, and other post-processing AA, but multi-sampling AA will tank framerate, especially at 1440. The plus side is at 1440, AA isn't really needed. IMO, FXAA is actually better than MSAA, at least on 1440p rendered and down-scaled to 1080p monitor. On Dragon Age 2, I've forced FXAA through the driver that picture quality is better than 4x MSAA, not to mention my framerate is much smoother. 

I'm just kind of shocked that a 2gb 760 can handle it averaging between 45-60fps depending on the game and mine is running at the stock clockspeed msi gave it from the factory