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That feeling you get

I am new here. I would rate me as a post newbie, but not anywhere near a veteran. I played around a bit with distros for many, many years. I converted to Linux Mint full time (ish) when we sold our business.
To my post. I gave my wife the system I built last year and built a new one. Decided I would buy all the newest. So, I have the 3700X and the 3700XT on a Taichi X570 etc.
Little did I know what I was in for. I got Mint installed fine, but no hardware acceleration. Long story short. I spent the last several days installing Manjaro.
I could not even boot the live usb. I tried the Architect version and after failing at that, dove into the command line, which I was fairly comfortable with, other than not knowing a lot of commands.
That feeling you get when you fix something, rather than reinstall is so awesome!
It is ugly, but it is working. Now if I can get decent drivers so I can play.
What I am saying is for those ready to give up. You could be one correctly typed command from a fix!


For anyone wondering, I had no issues getting to the console. To this point, even though I have the driver for the gpu, it didn’t want to recognize my saphire card, so I am running with the video-linux / vesa ones. As I learn more, I will figure it out. Mint (same machine) runs fine, other than no hardware acceleration. Right now I am getting around 2fps on heaven. LOL

I guess this is the right place to talk.

No OS war here. But tell me, sir, why are you bottlenecking yourself? What was your intention getting such hardware?

Games? Editing? Coding (I’ll ask for the sake of it, cause even I know for coding CUDA would be a “better” option than OpenCL)?

Did you know about the rule of not using too new tech on GNU/Linux?

EDIT: I’ll elongate myself here so I don’t have to come back.

Basically you’re having a bad experience with flagship hardware, doesn’t make much sense to me, but it’s fine, it doesn’t need to.

In the community the drivers and all stuff are made by ourselves, we are a minority and companies are after the money, we’re not important to them.

btw no… I still don’t know the feeling… have never faced some hideous linux-isms yet haha

Good man, I’m in the process of doing the exact same thing.

Cheers for the positivity post!

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Learning process in part. I do still have a windows partition, but will end it as soon as I can. I personally can not stomach that os any longer and do not need to. My favorite game runs on the year old system better than the windows version. I am teaching myself Linux now and am the better for it. Once I have a better understanding, I want to help the community. The feeling is that which you get when you make yourself have patience on a project through the frustration and find an answer. I am proud of myself that I have gotten to this point! :slight_smile: and look forward to the next challenge.
**Update: I now have Audio!


Quick update. After completely breaking Manjaro LOL, I decided to reinstall. This time I installed xfce. I, of course, had to use the architect available on the distro because all I could get to was the terminal.
Things went much better. Mistake I had made before was I elected to use the cache instead of downloading all new files and then update.

Heaven is giving me 195 fps now and ARK is on high settings, full screen 2560X1440 at 155 ± fps. So, I am very pleased now.

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