Thank You

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me build this. I am technologically inclined but with your help everything went smoothly. The moment I finished building and updating everything I loaded a game and almost exploded form happiness that everything defaulted to Ultra settings.

Specs and stuff:

NZXT S340 Case

i5 4460

Asrock Fatal1ty B85 killer 

8gb Corsair Vengeance ram 

Asus Strix Gtx980 oc 

All cooled with one intake fan and two outtake fans for good heat dissipation. Using stock cpu heat sink also. 

cpu idles at 30c-40c about 60c-70c when under heavy load

Gpu  Idles at 30c Consistent never fluxes to 40 at idle

Gets to 70c when under load. 

Thank You all for guiding me. Now I'm gonna go play some heavily modded Skyrim thanks to you and Logan's tutorials. 

cool to read that you are very happy with your build.

i would like to seem some pictures of the build haha ☺

I didn't help you at all :P but thanks for saying thanks to the community.

Ah, I see you got you system running. What made your pc not run properly?

Upside down Intel CPU cooler 10/10

looks great.

That is going to bug me so much now. ;_;

looks realy good.

have fun and game on ☺

Coil whine, returned it and the next one had it worse, returned that and this current 980 still has it. it's not too loud, when playing modded skyrim with the Verdant mod (A mod that combines different grass mods, looks insanely dense) it gets pretty loud. Is it safe to keep running it like this? This is the third card... I have been told to return it on reddit and that it is just fine and keep using it. Will my GPU not last as long this way?