tf2 won't work

hey, i have a problem with tf2. whenever i start the game it seems to work fine until i get to the homescreen. it just freezes and goes unresponsive. i have tried restarting my computer ect. nothing seems to work

please help

In your steam library, right click on Team Fortress 2, then click on properties. This will open a new window. In this window you will see a few tabs, click on the tab labeled "Local Files". There will be an option to verify the integrity of the game cache. Click on it. Just note that this process may take some time considering that if there are corrupted files, they will have to be downloaded once again.

i have doen this and nothign seems to have happened. im really worried that i might loose my whole backpack because the game wont work anymore. and just a note left for dead does the same thing

Are those the only Source engine based games that the freezing occurs on?

i believe so but i havent tested them all out. those are the only 2 source games i have

It appears that many other users are seeing the same thing since the Steam update that was released today.

I wouldn't recommend reinstalling just yet. I say wait until Valve solves the issue.

Also, your in-game backpack is saved on Valve's servers. So no worries about losing all of those flare guns and excessive quantities of Ali Baba's Wee Booties.

when do you think valve will adress this problem and fix it?