TF2 Spy Idea

so i was sitting in my cubicle the otherday.... wait thats peter gibbons :3

but in all seriousness, i had a thought while playing the other day. spies should only be able to carry a certain amount of sappers, i was thinking around ten. i mean soldiers dont get infinite rockets, pyros run out of gas, more importantly engineers run out of metal. why not the pesky spies? it'd mean that class would involve more skill, as you couldnt just sit there and spam the sentry with sappers. youd have to strategically zap n' attack. and when you run out, go back to base or pick up munition.

thoughts anyone? i mean screw all the new weapons, just fine tune the old ones. also, get rid of the flare gun. meeting adjourned.

I 2nd this idea with the MeGotRice stamp of approval.

ehh spies already require more skill than the other classes, sooo i vote no

LOL, not!! Spies are eazayyy, I make my self look blue and run!

what game are you playing? to spy all you need is luck, and a little skill. you mainly worry about those rambo engineers, or if anyone is on to you. every other class that cant disguise and go invisible requires nothing but skill.

any noob with a pyro, demo, solder, of heavy with an hour playing the game can do more damage than someone who plays regularly as a spy, they just sux once they are found and get in a fight.

noob pyros can suck my nuts

that reminds me, i havent played in a while, anyone wanna get an rtw game goin tonight?

if we get enough i can host or something, if not just invade some random server


...i still need to BUY this game.



sorry KOkun


Im here anytime.. ^^

Just message me at steam

i COULD buy it now, but i'd rather wait for when i can play it reallllllll smoothly.


woah! what happened to my topic!?! it was srs bsns!

No, flare gun ftw. Razing the world, from a distance.


flare guns a joke, and an annoyance. ive seen a guy shoot at the snipers for 2 hours straight, going back and forth on their side sniper deck. people like that should be shunned and executed.

You're not alone Koko. Lol. I still needz it.

Let me guess, 2fort? Yeah, 2fort is a joke.

2fort is the king of late night maps, as its small and versatile. but everything i said applies to allll maps.

i'll join in da seryus bizniz diskashunz.. next month or so, when i actually get my new comp and orange box!

I'm a pro pyro... I bring heavies down to their knees in 2 seconds flat.

My weapon?

A flame and a gallon of pain, one burst of this and it's all over.

I used to be a fire fighter, now I just set them.

Step into the ring with me and you won't make it out alive.