TF2 Sniper & Spy Update!

Fuck man i hate this update so much!!!
I have so many problems ...
This update totally sucks !!!!!!
At the first day of the update my game said "Respawning in #1 seconds!" and i couldn't use any of my achievement weapons!
Today i thought it may be a bug because there was a new update for me.
I started the game looked at my achievement weapons and what the hell did i saw??
There was the fucking Ubersaw for the medic but i didn't do any achievement for it!
Later after playing a while i got a SECOND natasha for the hevy but all my achievements for spy and sniper (which i did yesterday) where fukcing gone!!!!
Some people on servers said that i have to find the weapons but it didn't worked!!!
And now (as duke said in his trailer):I'M REALLY PISSED OF!
Can anybody here help me?

Well the find weapons system is good for someone.. when you find them, do you keep them?

so many questions about this fucking update!
they should have kept the old way of getting new weapons because now its really bad to play.

Nah the old way takes to much time for busy people.. Ive seen Logan complaining bout that lik 9000 times, because he dont have time to play all the achievements

I like the new update. The new payload map is awesome. Haven't 'found' any new weapons, because I dont really know how that goes at the moment. I personally like the achievement system a bit better, and yea I have more time on my hands, but I hate it that you will find the same weapon more often. With achievements you can atleast expect when something is coming. Besides that, I think its a very good update, atleast makes me want to play longer because theres more to it everytime.

does anybody here know how to get these fucking new weapons?

The way you get the new weapons is by randomly finding them. You could play 10hours solid and not get one but on the other hand you could play for 30mins and find 2. The thing is you can also find weapons you already have which is kinda annoying.

I found the Huntsman, Jarate, Razorback and the KGB gloves.

I was walking around lol.

I get top score with the Huntsman. Takes way more skill than the sniper rifle.

ok cool.
Do you get to keep the weapons like permanently? havnt got to try thr update yet, im at my dads

What is the hats for lol

It stays in your inventory. They're going to make an update where you can trade weapons.

WTT lv10 huntsman (+20 spd) for lv 7 Ambassador (+Crit) PST

So how exactly do you find the weapons? Do they just automatically go in to your inventory and something notifies you or do you need to actually search for them?

It randomly pops up. I've been playing TF2 for 49 hours now. No huntsman, just duplicates. But i did get 4 cloak n daggers which is a cloak watch that refills cloak when ya stand still but.. I want my fucking huntsman.

my friend got huntsman just after playing 10 minutes. atleast with the achievement system you had something to work towards so you knew where you were at with the progress, but now its just totally random.

i have 10.8 hours tf2 in steam for the last 2 weeks and i found only a second natshaand the huntsman and some playres hat in the first hours like all sniper weapons and some spy weapons becaue they played it much more ...

i have 10.2 hours, found nothin, not even 1 i already had =/

I honestly hate this new pop ups fr windows now theres a less chance il try for all those adchevments. Btw hot mant u all got done ? 138/239

i have done 59 out of 239, and since the patch i have unlocked; Sandman, Blutsauger and Kritzkrieg.

errr all the finding weapons thing really killed it for me ae i liked playing and trying to get achievements in game situations ae

the update bugs me because i spent all day doing achievements and didnt know there was no longer milestones
this came as a surprise when i randomly got the razorback but i cant freaking get anything else, it pisses me off that people that dont even play the game that come in for one round end up getting about 5 finds in 5 minutes and i have to play for 5 hours, its messed up if you ask me... but on there part its engenius because now youll be playing to get upgrades instead of go to an achievement round get all the weapons in an hour and play it once more and leave the game forever like most people do

I think the item finding and trading thing is kinda useless, with the amount of weapons you have now... If there where tons of weapons then I can understand the trading part, but come on there just 3 for every character.

Another thing from May 29th:

Added Sniper/Spy milestone achievements as an additional way players can get the
new unlockables