tf2 scout update...?

okay so there was supposed to be a tf2 scout update today, it even said on the website and its not here..? its gonna upgrade his shotgun, his bat, and add a new energy drink.

im almost positive it said it was gonna be today, unless its gonna be later on in the day or tomorrow or something?

yeah i heard it was today too :[ whats up with thattt???

It comes out today, and today isn't over yet.

you suuure?

Yep, i'm pretty sure. Why would they lie? They probably have to upload it to all the servers etc(Over 40).

oh okay nice!

sweet can't wait

its up.. they added a bunch of other new stuff too

I was eating dinner while the update came out -.- now i can't update even my server via dedicated box because the steam servers are overloaded.. damn it.

hahaha that sucks! yeah i had to wait like 20 minutes extra cuz it was full, just keep trying every 10 seconds lol