TF2 Admins

Steam ID: kpono500

I need some avid Team Fortress 2 players to be admins on my upcoming TF2 server...


Must be very active on the server.
Must have a mic.
Must not abuse.
Must be mature.

Failure to comply with these rules will get you stripped of your admin position.

Also help me come up with a clan name!!!

Must be mature

you? LAWL

Hey, that mic spamming ordeal was just for fun :D

did it for the lulz

Your server was up yesterday? Now its not?

Hope the post I put up was helpful. Keep Up The Good StuffÂ

What kind of server is this? Serious gameplay? Spam friendly? 24/7 bullshit?

Oh lol... The servers gone now.. I cancelled it.. I'm just going to run a surf server for CSS


What's the ip of the surf server?


It's not a surf server anymore.. It's a 24/7 office/de_dust2 server now... IPs will be given when i can goto my house and restart my server.

So no more TF2 server?


No lol.. CSS Server now.. I can make a TF2 one sometime in the near furute

I'm definitely going to be an admin, just because I said so. Failure to comply with my demands will result in a mandatory punishment of me strapping an alligator to my arm and punching you in the face.