Textbook PC

This is just an idea, I have no intention of building it right now.


  So, I was thinking that it might be possible to make a PC that is about the thickness of a textbook.

The case would have to be a custom Itx case.

Would have an Itx board with a water cooler on the CPU (The heat sink would be off to the side).

Would use a PCI ribbon cable for the GPU.

And would also use a thin PSU, one similar to the PSU that is included with the EVGA Hadron.

This is a rough concept of what It would look like. (Sorry for how bad it looks, but I was a bit tired while making it)

Thoughts? Opinions? Like it? Hate it?

UPDATE: For a PSU I could use this

For a case, This might work


EDIT: Sweet! I'm glad it made it onto the Inbox. Hopefully the edit will be seen.

Here is a better representation of the layout. (V 5.0)

All dimensions are in millimeters.

That's a pretty good concept. You should mount a screen on the front and make it like a portable,  high power all in one pc. Not sure if the laws of thermodynamics would agree though. 

It'll look like a very thick book, but I like the idea! :)

more like one of those coffee table books, but still neat


I was thinking about that, Maybe have it so the screen can twist. that way the screen will not be harmed during transport. (Turn it around while transporting so the back is facing outwards instead of the screen)

It would look more like a brief case I suppose.

PSU is the problem. They're 86mm tall for ATX standard PSUs.

That's one of the more intriguing ideas I've heard in a while. If you can trim a PC down to that size, why not put the PC as well as a monitor in a small briefcase, along the lines of this but with a smaller form factor?

Yes, that is the problem for now, however, I was thinking the PSU that is included with the Hadron might work. Or maybe a flat PSU will come out sometime in the future. If the case is wide enough I could just use a regular ATX PSU and put it off to the side.

Hm, That would work. Just need to cut some ventilation holes. Should I get some extra money sometime I will probably make it.

EDIT: This one might work

Had a similar idea with a tablet and poker chip attaché. After weeks of lugging the briefcase around in a larger laptop bag, my body felt the strain and I ended up ditching the attaché and making do with the tablet's uncomfortable ergonomics. Just mentioning for consideration if you have to commute frequently. 

Also I see the 2U PSU leaves you with .1 inch clearance which I think is intentional but limits you if you wanted to incorporate a keyboard later on. Good luck.

Hm. I am considering just building the case out of sheet metal and have it look like a brief case.


Very similar to what a buddy of mine and I were going to do.  Being the high schoolers we are, we were both going to be taking computer science next (this year, now), and thought it'd be epic to build a computer in a case, and bring it around from class to class and hand it off when needed.  We were going to build a little mini itx computer inside a pelican briefcase, put a 15.6" monitor on the lid, use a 450w micro atx psu, i5 4430 (stock cooler), an old GTS 250, stock cooler, 2.5" HDD, some vlp corsair ram.  We planned everything out; the layout, the custom cut acrylic, the cooling fans, power button, usb hub location, everything.  We were going to mount most of the stuff with foam double sided tape and dual lock velcro.  A keyboard could be stored in a slot-like design, above the components.  Unfortunately, we lacked one thing:

Money.  It totaled to around 740 bucks.  Ah, a shame.  We planned a bit over the summer, but unfortunately the idea was never executed.

a friend of mine made a brief case pc year and years ago.

My generic advice is: look at using some laptops parts as well as getting a PCIe ribbon cable.


personally if i was looking at REALLY small form factor desktop parts would go out the window entirely and i just get all laptop parts to my liking + you could get a decent video card since MXM video cards area set standard (mostly).


it's not like you can overclock laptops, not only that in some cases you can over volt. maybe the VRMs could be a problem but it's not like you can't upgrade those either.



Even then hardware is becoming so powerfull i'm not sure if i would even go beyond setfsb is using laptop parts. on the flip side if you use desktop parts and use air cooling there is bit of stuff you could do like making your own sinks and maybe get a PCIe to MXM adapter.

Been thinking about that a lot (about making one myself), but I think it would be smarter to make it into some kind of backpack. Not saying you should buy backpacks out of fabric but rather that you should buy that briefcase and add comfortable straps for the back so you can choose if you want to carry it with one arm and damage your back or just carry it on the back.

Btw, isn't grounding usually a problem when doing stuff like this?

By the way, if you want to go as deep as possible with this, you could always build some parts inside the keyboard to save space and add the keyboard into the case. You could also do the same with the screen, if you add a desktop screen inside the briefcase. It all requires lots of work, yes, but it might save lots of space depending on how you set it up (maybe not the ram or cpu but harddrives atleast could work unless you go for slim keyboards like this). Otherwise, laptop screens saves lots of space too.

Ah, that sucks. That's why I decided to not plan it out before I had the money, Well, at least not completely.

Hm, I was thinking about using laptop parts.

Hm. Maybe. Not quite willing to go that deep though.

I was thinking I would put a rubber strip where the components touch the case. The backpack idea is a good idea, I would imagine that this thing will be quite heavy when its all put together.