Text Based MMO (Crime Game)

Would anyone be interested in working on one? I may have another programmer interested. Not MUD something similar to mafiareturns.com / barafranca.com

Need someone for graphics/front end. May also work on some of the back end.

I'll be handling costs of domain, servers, marketing/advertising.

Again, I have another coder who MAY be interested. And We are seeking for a little more help.

seems cool. never played a text based game, but I guess it would be a cool weekend project

They can be pretty fun, honestly. There's a player base for them. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know. I have some other coders interested as well. Also let me know what you would be interested in doing, if you are interested (design, coding, etc.)

My email is [email protected] or skype is PhantomCookies