Tethering & data cap throttling

I couldn't pay my cable bill this month and Time Warner cut me off. After going insane for 2 days I remembered about phone tethering. It was a lot easier than the last time I unsuccessfully tried to do it. I actually had decent response times using a Sprint 4G connection. For a while.

After 4 hours Sprint sent me an email - you have hit your data cap and will be throttled. First time ever. I've been a Sprint customer for 15 years and I got pissed that they offer great deals to new customers, rip off their loyal customers and demanded a better deal. I gave up my unlimited data plan to save $20. I only stay with Sprint because I have a special phone that I love and is unavailable any where else. Sprint phones are unusable on any other network.

Now both my PC and my phone are effectively unusable. My phone connects to websites but either they time out or take 5 minutes to load. :(

Typical, a consumer has only one card to play and that is the threat of taking your business somewhere else and really that is the only thing that they listen to, most big companies have a customer retention department that sole job is to keep unhappy customers paying for monthly services. I have had to do it over and over with Time Warner on our internet (we have no cable TV) and the threat of going to WOW (only real alternative in our town) has kept me paying what I consider to be a fair price for the bandwidth we use.


Damnit I feel your pain. I have been down that road. Running to Starbuck or KFC to get mail and post projects was a pain. My apartment community office had TWC internet so I jumped on it for a while too. Tethering is tricky on some Carriers, they don't fully allow it or not at all. Keep your head up friend, you'll pull through...

So you gave up being able to use unlimited data by choice, then used up more data than you were CHOSE to buy every month, and are bitching about sprint because they delivered you the service you agreed upon and nothing more or less than that. Mate there's no fucking argument to be had here.


If you weren't trying so hard to be salty and actually read my post you might have noticed that my only complaint about Sprint is the high prices that they charge loyal customers.

My post is intended to be a warning to not use tethering if you don't have an unlimited data plan. Sprint was helpful in selecting a data plan that I had never exceeded before.

Mate you literally said no where in there that warning, nor does it read like that. Sounds like your pissed off in general and mad at the service your receiving...

You can get an extension to spoof your user agent to Android/iOS to get mobile versions of websites. I know Opera, at least on Android, has server-side compression which can reduce loading times on a weak or throttled connection.

Also, disabling Flash and JavaScript does wonders. But disabling JS breaks a lot of websites so trail and error required.