Testing true capacity of an SSD

OK, so I got my eye on some Chinese brand SATA and NVMe drives on Aliexpress. Prices are incredible, but we’ve often been warned on being scammed: low(er) capacity drive being scalped as a high capacity one, for the corresponding price. I’m willing to risk some money and find out if this unnamed brand actually delivers the capacity they sell/sold me. (I’m aware of the difference between GB and GiB, which is also explained by the seller so that’s fine)

I’m on Linux, which tools are there that allow me to get the real capacity of the drive and not just what it reports to the OS? Google wasn’t helpful, and unfortunately the L1T forum search wasn’t any better :roll_eyes:

Why even bother when they’re already cheap?


Write some huge files to it then checksum it? Not sure how big of drives you got

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Never used them, but would likely try either of these.


@diizzy Cheap is relative :wink: But, I also don’t want to spend a lot on future purchases should I need more/bigger drives. Basically, how honest is this manufacturer.

@mutation666 These are 2TB drives: 1x SATA and 1x NVMe → PCIe gen3, so approx 3.5GB/s seq. read speed max.

@Log Thx, I’ll have a look at that later. Surprised it didn’t show up when I googled it.

https://www.voelkner.de/products/6354872/Transcend-230S-4TB-Interne-SATA-SSD-6.35cm-2.5-Zoll-SATA-6-Gb-s-Retail-TS4TSSD230S.html etc?
It all depends on what quality you want