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Testing Ryzen 3000 Boost

Hi guys,

Firstly sorry as I am sure this is mentioned somewhere but I think it’s buried amongst the comments somewhere.

Just wanted to make sure I am testing the boost on my 3900x right. I followed dlDebaurer survey so I am using hardware monitor and cinibench to test it and I am only seeing boosts of 4.1 on my Aorus x570 Master.

This seems way low so I am sure I am doing something wrong. The bios is set to optimzed defaults, is there anything I should turn on/off?

Temps seem normal. The cpu sits at mid 30’s with the stock cooler at idle and if I recall correctly high 60’s under load (maybe it was in the 70’s). Actually surprised that it’s so cool as when I built my brother’s 2700x the stock cooler could barley keep it cool and had to run the fans hard; so much so we ran out and got him a aio). My stock cooler seems pretty quiet.

The only other thing is I am using some low end ram untill my order of Trident Z bdie’s shows up but I doubt this could affect the boost.

At any rate is there anything else I need to set?

My 3800x is about the same, but it still screams so really it’s good enough for me.

However there are new BOOST fixes coming in a new ABBA firmware update later this month or possibly early in October.


Ya I am aware of the update but from what I am hearing it’s only adding 25-50 MHz and results are mixed on the 3900x.

In my case I am in a deficit of 500 MHz. Since my processor doesn’t seem to be hot I assume something else is hindering performance. So just wondering if there is something else I need to change.

Thanks again

I’m using the same Aorus Master motherboard but only the 3800x CPU.

I just let the motherboard to the auto-matic OC with manual memory speed and timings.

I’m also using the Noctua DH-15 CPU Cooler rather then the stock cooler.

But I’ve not really looked at the OC and temps much, just occasionally I will launch Ryzen Master and take a quick look-see.

I guess I should really do some single/multi-threaded Cinebench testing to see if this speed is being acheived or not.


That seems awefully low.
What system specs do you have?

  • Cooler
  • PSU
  • Case

HWinfo logs max values, so you can leave that running in the background and check after a few hours of use.

Related info:


I am away from the computer for the next few days so I won’t be able to check this but I agree that is a big delta. In my case I don’t think it’s the thermals as if I recall correctly the temps are very good and as mentioned the cooler is not screaming and us pretty quiet even under load.

As for your question:
-Aorus X570 Master
-Stock cooler (for now but I would expect it to boost properly with stock cooler and even if it didn’t not to be off by that much)
-850 watt Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium PSU
-Not sure about ram…I think 16GB DDR 2800 or something. (I doubt this would have any affect on boost correct). Just waiting for my ram to come so I can replace it with good stuff.


Hi guys,

So I have been playing around with the computer again now that I am back and I have more questions.

So I installed the f7a bios for the Master and it did get me more clocks but still wont hit the 4.6 mark. I have seen it go up to 4.575 when under load but only for a fraction of a second. My temps get to the 75 C mark when running prime 95 with smallest fft’s.

The problem is I don’t really see it hitting its base frequency. Underload I am seeing 3.775 (hardware info says the lowest it goes is 3440.4 but not sure if this was during the run). In fact according to HWInfo I am averaging around the 3.6-3.7 mark. The odd thing is while prime 95 is running I will see odd cores boost to 3.8ish which is the base.

Correct me if I am expecting much but while under load all cores should be hitting 3.8 minimum and not boosting to this correct? I will try repasting the cooler when I get home but wondering if this could be a motherboard issue?

Also when boosting how long should I expect the CPU to boost for? I know cooling plays a part in this all but I would expect the stock cooler to at least hit base frequency.

Thanks once again

Also just a FYI while idling at 40.3c I am seeing all cores at 3755.4MHz with random fluctuations.