Testing my wifi security (cracking wpa and or wpa2)

I have found myself having to deploy some 2.4 GHz long range radios for reason that would take be too long too explain. Naturally I am buying old mid range commercial junk pulled from towers or whatever because you can get just the radios themselves for $5 to $10 then I build my own directional antana. The way I have my antennas setup you can access them from most standard devices for a surprisingly long distance, even farther if both sides are focused.

Anyway enough backstory a lot of these use WPA security some WPA2 due to the ground they cover I wanna see if I can crack um. Naturally due to the shady nature of resources for breaking into wifi idk what I can trust. I would like links to resources that are trustworthy and perhaps some advice.

note: If I wanted to steal my neighbors wifi I would just knock on there door and tell them my internet was down and I really need to check my email and at least one if not all of them would just give me there password. Social engineering is a lot easier than hacking so no bs about me attempting such things please.

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Theres plenty of info out there about tools and utilities included in kali. Do the research. play around. man pages exist.


Set it to WPA2-Enterprise if possible, use a long passphrase and whitelist MAC-addesses.
Should be safe enough.

For pentesting, would advise taking a look at Kali (as @Adubs suggested)

Yeah Kali is your best bet, it should have all the tools you need. There are a ton of tutorials online for cracking WPA2.

There a a few different attack vectors with WPA2, i.e Capturing hanshakes and cracking those, also vulnerabilities in WPS

I haven’t done much pentesting in a while so tools may have moved on but from my memory things such as:

  • airmon
  • aireplay-ng
  • reaver
  • hascat

Will get you started. Good luck!

I personally prefer ParrotOS, but Kali is also great.
I’d avoid any Windows based programs.
You can attempt to break WPA/2 with only one wifi antenna, but you will be very ineffective.
The more radios you can get a hold of the better, USB2.0 ones work fine.

Even if you get the encrypted password through handshake capture…
I’ve never been able to break WPA2 with WPS(disabled) that has sufficiently long password +10 characters with special characters.

One of the better tricks to securing WPA2 is to make an easy to remember sentence and key then hash it using AES or Scrypt. Use that as a password. People will turn gray in the hair before that is broken by brute force.

I’m not sure if there is a better exploit to breaking WPA2.

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I wonder if kali has any tools for key reinstallation stuff from late last year.

Any reason you have to rely on wpa2 for security?

Some Ideas:

As others have mentioned, Kali is a decent distro for pentesting your own Wifi Network.

Krack - Key Re-installation Attack is a new vulnerability for WPA2 networks that permits sniffing of encrypted traffic if the conditions are right. I haven’t seen much in the way of weaponized exploits/tools for it. Also this will not recover the PassPhrase or Encryption Keys on the Network. Potential mitigation for this type of attack is to layer a VPN underneath your WPA2 network so that sniffed packets are still end to end encrypted. Also if there are any available patches for your devices or your router you should probably install them.

As @MazeFrame said use WPA2_enterprise, a long passphrase and whitelist MACs if you are able.

To add on this, turning off any WPS capabilities on your router is a good idea. WPS is sometimes susceptible to Reaver-like attacks where it guesses the pin number of the Wifi Protected Access with brute force.

From a performance standpoint, changing your 2.4Ghz channel to one that’s not overly saturated in your area may help.

Hope something in there helps! Good Luck and let us know how it turns out.


I do have two 5ghz radios but the old 2.4 ghz ones pulled from who knows are just so easy to get and sometimes free.

Anyway thanks all for the advice everybody i’m going to see if I can crack me.