Test suggestion: Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820

Greetings from the north of Sweden.

Do you have any plans on testing this keyboard (Logitec TK820)?


Reasons why I ask:

1, I work a lot in windows 8 and I have been playing with the idea of getting some kind of touchpad and place it to the left of the keyboard as a supplement. So which alternativ (touchpad or TK820) would you recommend as a power user and gamer.

2, it looks like a nifty keyboard for a HTPC but there are cheaper alternatives.

3, how do the keys feel (it's 500km to the closest computershop so i won't have a opportunity to get a "hands on" myself)

Yours sincerely the Raindeer farmer.


PS. I hope your goverment/ISP:s get their act to getter and provides fiber to all citizens, I have it and I live at the polar circle it cost me 600€ but it is1km to the closest neighbour and 10km to the village.

I don't own that particular model but i'll provide my input from the Logitech K400. 

1. I don't own Windows 8, can't comment.

2. Yes, they are nice for htpcs which is what the K400 is hooked up to.

3. They are similar to your average laptop keyboard and trackpad. Great battery life. Nothing really broken about it but if you do heavy keyboard work, I don't see it being comfortable after more than 1-2 hours. The Logitech software MAY recoginize it's own product. The K400, while hooked up to the reciever fine with windows drivers, failed to be recognized by the setpoint software. As such the media keys don't respond.