Test Builds

I'm coming into a bit of money and I want to build a review/test build. Something like you see on LinusTechTips or NCIX. An open system.

The problem is, I don't know what he's using to put the components on. I also need some suggestions on parts. Which motherboard and CPU, specifically. I'm going to build an AMD and Intel build. So, suggestions?

For the case you can either just put it on the box or get a test bench (usually plexiglass $50-$100)

As far as mobo and CPU I would go Intel and if you aren't comfortable hacking the mobo make sure it has both xfire and sli support built in. I would go Ivy Bridge simple because the higher temps will allow you to test different heatsinks better.

You misunderstand me. I'm building two test builds. One will be Intel, the other AMD. I was thinking about going with an i5 or i7 for the intel and the A10 or A8 for AMD.